Secret City Records is a young Montreal-based independent record label and publishing company. It was founded with the knowledge that records are changing, and with a desire to embrace their future while preserving the idea of the “label” as a source of music you (and the artists it houses) can trust. We don’t believe in genres, only innovation and inspiration. We’re excited about the endless possibilities that new media have for music and its dissemination, but we’re also still committed to the physical album as collectible artifact; we believe each album’s packaging should be as much a work of art as the music it represents. We like vinyl.

Our logo is an obvious nod to the urban element in our name; we believe in the cultural wealth of the “city”, but also think that the notion of the city is changing as much as that of the record. Their boundaries are becoming less tangible, more fluid. But they can still be built. So the logo is also more than a building. Or less. It’s the beginnings of one. As a façade, it’s also an affront to the posturing and empty branding behind so much of the music industry — fixated on fabricating fleeting tastes…rather than supporting or helping document sounds that will endure — which is what we think a record label these days should do.

Thus Owls share mini-documentary. Their upcoming album album "Turning Rocks" comes out April 8th on Secret City Records. Thus Owls play 4/2 in New York City

Thus Owls share mini-documentary

Montreal/Stockholm band Thus Owls have shared a second track from their forthcoming album Turning Rocks, entitled How, In My Bones via The song is available as a free download online,

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Interview With Diamond Rings

I recorded most of the tracks for this record on a laptop. The vocals and guitars were recorded by Damian Taylor, who also did all the mixing. He has a great studio and great ears but lots of the experimenting

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Patrick Watson Shares New Video

Today, Patrick Watson shares the new video for “Blackwind” off 2012’s ‘Adventures In Your Own Backyard’. The “Blackwind” video was born out of a video-making competition run by creative group Genaro in partnership with the band

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SUUNS Signs With Secret City

Suuns have premiered the video for their first single, “Edie’s Dream”. The video follows a mysterious young girl through the woods to “Edie’s” moody soundscape.

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Patrick Wolf Unveils Tracklisting

Patrick Wolf has unveiled the album artwork and announced the tracklisting for his upcoming acoustic double album Sundark and Riverlight. To coincide with the launch of the album Patrick has released the first video from the album

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Patrick Wolf Announces Tour Anniversary Dates

Patrick Wolf has announced a North American acoustic tour this fall to celebrate a decade of creating music.The tour will feature Wolf digging deep into his catalogue, re-interpreting his songs in intimate venues starting September 18,

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