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Review of 'Shape Shift' the new album by Zombi. 'Shape Shift'

Shape Shift

Has pop culture hit peak Zombie? It used to be a special thing to see a slate-gray ghoul just tearing into victims’ guts and…

'Be Small" by Here We Go Magic review by Northern Transmissions

Be Small

New York band Here We Go Magic are to release their self-recorded and self-mixed fourth album Be Small this month. Over the last six…

Review of 'Beach Music' by Alex G, the album comes out on October 9th via Domino Records.

Beach Music

There’s an undercurrent of ’90s-era slacker rock flowing through Alex G’s new Beach Music LP, though the feel doesn’t translate to the Philly busy-body’s…

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Andy Bell

from Ride Read More


Interview with Andy Bell from Ride

Andy Bell from Ride


Legendary shoegaze pioneers Ride finally shut down the ‘will they? / won’t they?’ reformation rumour mill last year by announcing their first shows together…

Our interview with Alex Giannascoli AKA Alex G, his new full-length 'Bug', comes out on October 9th

Interview with Alex G


Alexander Giannascoli, or better know as Alex G, has turned his bedroom singer/songwriter stylings, where he released DIY albums on Bandcamp, into a record…