Review of the new self-titled album by American Wrestlers, the LP comes out on April 7th

Review Of American Wrestlers’ New Album

Artist: American Wrestlers Album: American Wrestlers Rating: 8.5/10 Label: Fat Possum Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to achieve. Think of The Kinks. A song like “Waterloo Sunset”, the timeless Ray Davies classic, manages to be both easily memorable and emotionally complex all at once. Sometimes listening to a song is like a doorway […]

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Xl Recordings artist East India Youth, shares some of his favourite albums with northern transmissions.

East India Youth Shares His Favourite LPs

Xl Recordings artist East India Youth, shares some of his favourite albums with Northern Transmissions. Some of his picks include, titles by Of Montreal and Talking Heads, and DJ Rashaad. His forthcoming album Culture Of Volume, comes out April 6th.

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Our interview with Reed Juenger, Tom Eddy, and Jared Katz from Beat connection at SXSW 2015

Our interview with Beat Connection at SXSW

Seattle’s Beat Connection originally began as an electronic duo when it released its debut EP, Surf Noir, in 2011. Since that time, original member Jordan Koplowitz left to pursue other endeavours, while remaining member Reed Juenger re-established the project as a four-piece group that now includes Tom Eddy (vocals and guitar), Mark Hunter (bass), and […]

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Young Guv has shared his new video for his latest single "cinéma vérité,"

Young Guv shares “cinéma vérité” video

Watch Young Guv’s cinéma vérité video for “Ripe 4 Luv,” featuring boxers training for Rio Olympics in a London gym. The track comes from his latest album Ripe For Love, now out on Slumberland Records. Young Guv Ripe 4 Luv Slumberland Records 1. Crushing Sensation 2. Ripe 4 Luv 3. Crawling Back To You 4. […]

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Looper to release new Album and Box Set, containing five releases. All will be available April 14th

Looper to release new Album and Box Set

Looper (featuring Stuart David, original member of Belle & Sebastian), returns with a box set release, including a digital download of a new album, Offgrid:Offline. In an inventive reinterpretation of ‘The Boxset,’ Looper have curated the database of their entire body of work as five separate CDs, themed by type and entitled lexiphonics, kinokraft, voxtrot, […]

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Our interview with Gary McClure from American Wrestlers.

Our Interview with American Wrestlers

American Wrestlers. With a title like that, it’s hard to know what to expect. And for quite a while, when the songs were first released on the internet, there was no information as to how they came about or where they were from. Then the quality of the music began to attract attention, and eventually, […]

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Ty Segall & King Tuff announce live 12' live from Picathon, to be released on Easy Sound.

Ty Segall & King Tuff announce live 12′

Pickathon Music Festival and Easy Sound Recording Company have announced the second record in its limited pressed, vinyl-only Live At Pickathon series. Featuring songs by the prolific Ty Segall and King Tuff, recorded live in Happy Valley, Oregon during Pickathon 2013. Beginning on May 5, these limited edition splits will be available at independent record stores across the U.S., directly from Ty […]

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Northern Transmissions is a music website started by music lover Charles Brownstein. The main goal of Northern Transmissions is to share and introduce new indie music artists to music lovers of indie music around the world. Northern Transmissions is a website for music lovers, created by music lovers.

The writers at Northern Transmissions cover bands from all over North America and Europe because they live there. They are true lovers of independent music. Rock, Electronica, Punk, Dub, Chillwave, Krautrock, Experimental Dance Music, and of course, Hip Hop are just a few of the genres from the independent world of music that Northern Transmissions focuses on.

Northern Transmissions is a daily publication which features interviews, reviews, and news on some of today's most influential artists and bands from the world of indie rock. Northern Transmissions' video series Records In My Life has featured Kurt Vile, Metz, and Titus Andronicus. Another feature on Northern Transmissions is Our Song Of The Day which selects and plays a song daily from an independent band or artist that has had limited exposure to the music world. This has proven to be a popular part of Northern Transmissions with indie record companies and bands.

Today, there is no shortage of great independent music coming from around the world. Northern Transmissions is constantly trying to discover what's new and exciting by listening to new music or being sent submissions from bands and record labels from Europe and all over North America. For the staff at Northern Transmissions, our greatest joy is discovering something fresh and independent musically and being able to share it with our readers.

Northern Transmissions will always stay true to it's ultimate goal of providing music lovers with a daily source to discover new bands, bands that we ourselves would listen to and love as well. Northern Transmissions also provides editorial album reviews from music that will be part of our collections and up-to-the-minute news from the indie rock world including new tour and album release dates, music festival lineups, video premieres and the streaming of new songs, along with many other item concerning the world of indie music.

Some of the independent bands and artists that have been interviewed on Northern Transmissions include Yo La Tengo, Destroyer, Rodriguez, Palma Violets, Father John Misty, Washed Out, The Drums, and Iceage.