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Northern Transmissions' review of Jackson MacIntosh's 'My Dark Side'

My Dark Side

Jackson MacIntosh has been staying busy over the past few years between stints in TOPS and his repeated work with Sheer Agony, so it’s…

Northern Transmissions' review of 'Her' by Totally Mild


Though effects are such an essential tool of so much alternative music, it’s rare to hear anyone use them in a constantly evolving way….

Northern Transmissions' review of 'Lo Moon' by Lo Moon

Lo Moon

Not all pop is perfect. While some artists are pushing boundaries, others lean into genre conventions for fun, but Lo Moon straddle both worlds…

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Our interview with Ben Shemie from Suuns

Suuns Let Loose


Montreal’s music scene isn’t known simply for being a fertile hotbed for emerging artists, but also for how most of its offspring have stuck…