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Review of the new Iceage album 'Plowing Into The Fields Of Love'Play Review Of The New Album From IceageIceage
Plowing into the field of love
Review of The History Of Apple Pie's New LP 'Feel Something'Play Review of The History Of Apple Pie’s New LPThe History Of Apple Pie
Feel Something
Review of Julian Casablancas and the Voidz new album 'Tyranny'Play Review: Julian Casablancas and the Voidz LPJulian Casablancas and the Voidz


Northern Transmissions gets up and personal with some of Today’s most interesting independent Bands and Songwriters. Some of the artists To date Northern Transmissions has interviewed include Yo La tengo, Rodriguez, The Drums, Youth Lagoon, and Father John Misty.

Slowdive's frontman Neil Halstead talks with Northern Transmissions about the band's reunion, and a bit of the history

Interview With Neil Halstead from Slowdive

Slowdive were never fully appreciated in their initial run from 1990-1995. Having toured with both Blur and Ride, they were always in the shadows of more single-ready artists in lieu of becoming alternative stars themselves. Having dissolved shortly after the release of their third album Pygmalion (and morphing into the truncated, acoustic-based Mojave 3) the band’s notoriety slowly grew:

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Thurston Moore talks with Northern Transmissions' Douglas bleggi

Douglas Bleggi Interviews Thurston Moore

Since his split with wife and Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore has kept plenty busy. After touring his 2011 solo record Demolished Thoughts, the band that comprised his tour threw down their acoustic instruments and picked up electric counterparts, becoming Chelsea Light Moving. The band was a project in practicing punk rock sensibilities, recording the album in one day:

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Northern Transmissions interviewed Rachel Kenedy from the UK band Flowers.

Interview With Rachel Kenedy From ‘Flowers’

It was really unexpected and unforgettable! We’ve never really done anything in a studio, let alone Bernard Butler’s studio! We’re just used to recording in our bedroom at home. We were worried it’d feel really glassy and professional and we wouldn’t be able to relax, but as soon as we got there our fears were:

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Northern Transmissions' Interview with Laetitia Sadier

Our interview with Laetitia Sadier

Laetitia Sadier has just released her mesmerizing album Something Shines, and will be touring Europe and the UK in November and December; perfect music to accompany the late autumn mists and fogs. Autumn has always been a fertile time for revolutionary spirit as well, from Guy Fawkes to 1989 to the Occupy movements, with significant waypoints:

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Royal Blood member Ben Thatcher chats with Northern Transmissions' Alice Severin

Interview With Ben Thatcher From Royal Blood

Royal Blood have definitely had an interesting summer. Number one album, UK tour sell out in two minutes, nominated for a Mercury Prize, front covers, general fame and glory, that kind of stuff. So Northern Transmissions was very pleased to be able to talk to the extremely affable Ben Thatcher about the crazy ride he’s on and what’s really important:

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King Tuff is releasing their new album, Black Moon Spell, and Northern Transmissions

King Tuff Chats with Northern Transmissions

King Tuff is releasing their new album, Black Moon Spell, and Northern Transmissions got to catch up with Kyle Thomas, and find out how the magic happens. According to the Sub Pop website, “for some reason, no one can really explain how the Black Moon Spell:

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Slow Magic talks with Northern Transmissions' Alice Severin about a number of interesting topics, his new album 'How To Run Away' i

Our interview with Slow Magic

Speaking to the enigmatic and mysterious Slow Magic only requires moderate vetting with just a few levels of security. Luckily, we passed, and Northern Transmissions was able to talk about the long awaited new album, How to Run Away, and find out what drives the Slow Magic project. Ranging from autobiography to animals:

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