Northern Transmissions gets up and personal with some of Today’s most interesting independent Bands and Songwriters. Some of the artists To date Northern Transmissions has interviewed include Yo La tengo, Rodriguez, The Drums, Youth Lagoon, and Father John Misty.

Our interview with NYC band Public Access TV

Our interview with NYC band Public Access TV

Public Access TV formed a little over a year and a half ago in New York’s East Side. Led by John Eatherly, the group amassed a large following immediately after announcing their formation. The buzz has been especially strong from the British media, with NME calling them “New York’s Hottest Band”. Since the media attention […]

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Our interview with DTCV members James Greer and Guylaine Vivarat

Our interview with DTCV

Renaissance man and musician meets French philosopher and musician. Together, they form a bande à part – a band of outsiders. Fitting, really, as they borrowed their name from one of Godard’s lesser appreciated films, Detective. Together, through his love of crunching garage guitar and her starlit vocals and stylings, DTCV produce a gently ironic […]

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Jamie XX is excited about live shows. His forthcoming album 'In Colour'

Our Up and close Interview With Jamie XX

Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie xx, has had a meteoric rise in the music world. He’s accomplished so much already – first with The xx, whose debut album, xx, won them a Mercury Prize, and grabbed top position in a host of end of year lists. Their second album, Coexist, was released to major […]

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Northern Transmissions interviews Nick Millhiser from Holy Ghost!

Interview: Nick Millhiser from Holy Ghost!

What do you do when you’ve done remixes for a vast range of well-known artists like Katie Perry, MGMT, Moby, Phoenix, and LCD Soundsystem? You collect some of the best ones, add in a few cracking unheard tracks, and put together an album that showcases your skill and unique “labor of love”, live-infused approach to […]

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Our interview with Liam, Francis, and francis from Brooklyn band Strange Names.

Our interview with Strange Names

Strange Names isn’t a description of an obscure festival lineup, but three musicians who met up in Minneapolis, and “bonded on similar aesthetics.” This trio of appealing twenty-somethings are set to burst out this summer with their danceable, shimmery summer songs, shot through with energy from the New Wave bands they love, like Human League […]

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Our interview with XL Recording artist Shamir. His forthcoming album 'Ratchet,' comes out on May 20th

Our interview with XL Recording artist Shamir

Few debut records exude the kind of power and surefire smash predictions that Shamir’s upcoming Ratchet does, but here we are. The record is a colossal collection of upbeat dance-oriented R&B, that manages to channel LCD Soundsystem electro funk into a raceless, genderless world of free form expression. The man behind it is Shamir Bailey, […]

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Northern Transmissions interview with Young Fathers' G Hastings

Our Interview with Young Fathers’ G Hastings

Young Fathers are a force to be reckoned with. Matching danceable hooks with thoughtful messages, the Edinburgh trio are trying to start meaningful conversations through their music. After the critically acclaimed Dead won them the Mercury Prize in 2014, Young Fathers are back with their second album, White Men Are Black Men Too. The stunning […]

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