Northern Transmissions gets up and personal with some of Today’s most interesting independent Bands and Songwriters. Some of the artists To date Northern Transmissions has interviewed include Yo La tengo, Rodriguez, The Drums, Youth Lagoon, and Father John Misty.

Strand of Oaks Main Man Tim Showalter talks with Northern Transmissions about life and music, Strand Of Oaks' new album 'Heal', is now out on Dead oceans.

Our Interview With Strand Of Oaks

When I think about it, I’m pretty sure I was much younger. I got inspired by Don Henley. It really moved me more than the songs we had to sing in school. A few years later I heard the song “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins, and it affected me in a huge way. I,

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Hundred waters member Paul Giese chats with Northern Transmissions about their a number of topics, including the epic party for 'The Moon Rang Like A Bell'

Interview With Paul Giese From Hunderd Waters

I had heard about Arcosanti while I was in architectural school. It’s an architectural landmark. It’s this urban desert laboratory that was built in the 1970s, based on Paolo Soieri’s design to learn alternatives to urban sprawl. We were driving,

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A Sunny Day In Glasgow members Ben Daniels and Jen Goma interview with Northern Transmissions, A Sunny Day In Glasgow LP Sea When Absent is now out on Lefse

Our Interview With A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Yes. This was clearly not a normal or ideal situation for making a record, but it did create interesting ideas. Also, it forced us to be disciplined. This record took 2 and a half years to make, but I think it may have actually taken longer,

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Dean Wareham former member of Galaxie 500 and Luna chats with Northern Transmissions about many subjects, including his solo album and the state of music,

Our Interview with Dean Wareham

I have known Jim over the years. I know his manager, who happens to be a huge Luna fan. We had lunch one day, and afterwards he wanted me to listen to some of Jim’s solos stuff. I really enjoyed. I think the whole thing was orchestrated. Afterwards,

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Northern Transmissions interviews Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Snipes, and William Hutson from LA rap trio Clipping. Their LP CLPPNG comes out 6/10th via Sub Pop

Our Interview With LA Rap Trio Clipping

Bill and I had been friends and made music together off and on for years. We’d been talking about taking our love of noise and musique concrete and channeling that skillset into a project that also satisfied our love of rap. When Daveed,

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