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A Signed Piece Of Paper
Review of The Twilight Sad's new album 'Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave'Play Review Of The New LP by The Twilight SadThe Twilight Sad
Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave


Northern Transmissions gets up and personal with some of Today’s most interesting independent Bands and Songwriters. Some of the artists To date Northern Transmissions has interviewed include Yo La tengo, Rodriguez, The Drums, Youth Lagoon, and Father John Misty.

Ariel Pink interview with Northern Transmissions

Our Interview With Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink has spent the last decade working his way up from being a footnote in aughts lo-fi rock, to one of this decade’s most notorious, innovative, and unpredictable artists. Debuting on 4AD in 2010, every release he has made in his “studio” years has brought him closer to widespread acclaim, while simultaneously putting him in a position of media scrutiny. Last year Pink (born Ariel Rosenberg) reached a court settlement over the ownership of the name Haunted Graffiti (the name once used for Ariel’s fake-turned-real life band), which was spurred by:

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Johnny Marr sits down for an interview with Northern Transmissions' Doug Bleggi

Northern Transmissions Interviews Johnny Marr

There’s an advantage to being the eternal sideman – you have the freedom to come and go as you please. For Johnny Marr, he has always moved according to the wishes of his internal muse, breaking off from the Smiths the minute it stopped being fun, and he hasn’t stopped since. From stints in the […]

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Interview with Museum Of Love's Pat Mahoney, the ex LCD member

Interview With Museum Of Love’s Pat Mahoney

Museum of Love is the musical collaboration of Pat Mahoney (ex LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany. Together, they have created an album that uses electronica to flip back to great classics while creating music that feels brand new. The self-titled new album, Museum of Love, has just been released on DFA, and Northern Transmissions needed to hear about what’s on display in this museum. Alice Severin spoke with Pat Mahoney:

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Northern Transmissions interview with Molly Rankin from the band Alvvays

Interview With Molly Rankin from ‘Alvvays’

Our friend’s parents live on an amazing sailboat, and we thought it’d be fun to film us sailing around Toronto Island. Around half-way through, we heard an explosion inside the camera and found out it was the battery. Thanks to Google, we were able to find out how to neutralize the acid and carried on with the day:

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Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick interview with Northern Transmissions

Interview With Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick

Yeah, to be honest. Before we split Godflesh up, we literally spent three years feeling, by and large, that no one gave a shit. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, music and the shape of the industry was changing very much, and we always felt like outsiders — we still do. I mean, I can’t just blame the industry or the changing times because we weren’t making records that were consistent with our career. Towards the end of our career, we were experimenting, and:

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Northern Transmissions' interview with Iceage Guitarist Johan Surrballe Wieth

Our Interview With Johan From ‘Iceage’

Iceage, the Danish post-punk band once singled out by Iggy Pop for praise and recognition, have gone ahead and done the ultimate punk act – they’ve ventured out alone into new territory, not looking behind to see if they’re being judged or followed. The music on the new album Plowing Into The Field Of Love bears witness to a band who, even if they’ve been given a blessing by the man himself:

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The Horrors Faris Badwan talks with Northern Transmissions

Our Interview With Faris From ‘The horrors’

The Horrors have come a long way since their glam-meets-No Wave beginnings with their 2007 debut Strange House. Since then, they’ve dabbled in krautrock dirges, new romantic, and late 80s British rock. On their latest record Luminous they continue the Mancunian trend with a record that adds elements:

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