Northern Transmissions gets up and personal with some of Today’s most interesting independent Bands and Songwriters. Some of the artists To date Northern Transmissions has interviewed include Yo La tengo, Rodriguez, The Drums, Youth Lagoon, and Father John Misty.

Our interview with Reed Juenger, Tom Eddy, and Jared Katz from Beat connection at SXSW 2015

Our interview with Beat Connection at SXSW

Seattle’s Beat Connection originally began as an electronic duo when it released its debut EP, Surf Noir, in 2011. Since that time, original member Jordan Koplowitz left to pursue other endeavours, while remaining member Reed Juenger re-established the project as a four-piece group that now includes Tom Eddy (vocals and guitar), Mark Hunter (bass), and […]

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Our interview with Gary McClure from American Wrestlers.

Our Interview with American Wrestlers

American Wrestlers. With a title like that, it’s hard to know what to expect. And for quite a while, when the songs were first released on the internet, there was no information as to how they came about or where they were from. Then the quality of the music began to attract attention, and eventually, […]

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Our interview with Swedish sister duo act Taxi Taxi

Our interview with Swedish duo Taxi Taxi

Swedish twin sisters Johanna and Miriram Tewolde Berhan released their alt-folk/pop debut album in 2009 on Efterklang’s label Rumraket in their tender teenage years and after a few year’s hiatus, they have returned a little bit older, much wiser, and more captivating than ever with a recent swoon-inducing EP titled Floating Forever. The EP, which […]

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Our interview with Bay area Rapper/Producer Jay Ant.

Our interview with Rapper/Producer Jay Ant

Jay Ant is a rapper/producer from the Bay Area’s HBK Gang. He’s recently been putting his own post-Hyphy take on 90’s hip hop / R&B and building steady buzz leading up to Blue Diamond Dreams mixtape later this month. Jeffrey Powell caught up with him during SXSW to find out more about his relationship with […]

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Our interview with Tarek and James from UK band Spring king, at SXSW

Our Interview with UK Band Spring King

Spring King is a high energy garage rock band based out of Manchester, UK. Originally started as the brainchild of production virtuoso Tarek Musa, the project has since grown into a full group that now includes Peter Darlington, James Green, and Andy Morton. Jeffrey Powell sat down with Tarek and James to discuss their approach to songwriting and their reaction to the wave of momentum […]

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Our interview with Xl recording artist East India Youth at SXSW 2015.

Our interview with East India Youth

William Doyle, better known by his stage name East India Youth, is an electronic musician from Bournemouth, England. Jeffrey Powell caught up with him before one of his numerous shows at SXSW 2015. His forthcoming album Culture Of Volume comes out on April 7th via XL Recordings. Northern Transmissions: How’s your SXSW going so far? William […]

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SXSW: Dinner interview

Danish indie pop artist Dinner (real name, Anders Rhedin) manages to make big tent ’80s pop without even trying. He’s personally a of ’90s dance and ’70s funk, but is totally cool with following his muse. He’s another one of our favourite artists playing at SXSW this year and he just got signed to Captured […]

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