Xiu Xiu was born on a dance floor, arriving alone at the club and going home alone from the club.

That night the first Xiu Xiu song, Jennifer Lopez, was recorded. Its line, “is it tough to watch, Friday after Friday!?,” began what Xiu Xiu was going to try to say. The songs would always be about specific events in the personal lives of the band, the people close to them, and about the social and economic politics that effect and deform subjugated life from everywhere in this wobbling, wreck of a solar system.

Over the course of 15 7″s, five EPs, six collaboration albums and eight full lengths Xiu Xiu has never shied away from any topic that is honest and meaningful to them. Their songs are about gender dysphoria, suicide, loneliness, going insane, child soldiers, the tsunami in Indonesia, hideous sex, the Sanrio character Pandapple, abortion politics, incest, cats, queer life, being raped by the police and the individual responsibility of U.S. military personnel for the families they murder. Somehow within all of this, cuteness attempts to find a way to embrace death and horrible emotion.

The music is drawn from British post punk and synth pop, modern Western classical, noise and experimental musics, Asian percussion musics, American folk, torch singers, house, techno, 1950s rock n roll and this second’s top 40.

Starting in isolation in San Jose, California in 2002, Xiu Xiu has relentlessly toured all over the world since. San Jose is a rotten place to be, so relentless touring was a way to get AWAY!

There have been a total of seven line-ups, all led by Jamie Stewart.

UK cinematic pop trio White Royal announce 'Notice' release, premiere first single

UK trio White Royal announce ‘Notice’

Formed in late 2013, White Royal is a blissful cinematic pop band from Leeds, England made up of vocalist/guitarist Josh Hobson, Thomas Balmforth (electronics) and percussionist Jonty Brown. Following a round of shows throughout the UK earlier this year, including performances with Glass Animals and Xiu Xiu:

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Xiu Xiu Unveils New Video, Announces NYC Events, and Reveals European Tour,

Xiu Xiu Unveils New Video, Reveals Euro Tour

oday, Xiu Xiu have released their newest video off their latest record, Angel Guts: Red Classroom. Set to album track “Cynthia’s Unisex,” the video is a dark exploration of children’s art, directed by Florent Texier. The video can be watched in full below. The video release coincides with a series of New York events Xiu Xiu is set to kick off later this month. Starting on September 27th and continuing through October 18th:

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Xiu Xiu Premiere Video for "El Naco". Their latest album "Red Classroom" is now out on Polyvinyl records. Xiu Xiu will soon announce new concert dates.

Xiu Xiu Premiere Video for “El Naco”

Earlier this month, Xiu Xiu released their latest record, Angel Guts: Red Classroom on Polyvinyl. Inspired by an erotic Japanese horror film by the same, Angel Guts: Red Classroom now is getting it’s own horror movie treatment with the video for “El Naco.” Directed by John Clark,

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Xiu Xiu have been Forced Cancel North American Tour. Jamie Stewart said the postponement of their North American tour was due to problems with his throat.

Xiu Xiu Forced Cancel North American Tour

“I am disappointed and very sorry to say that Xiu Xiu will have to postpone our upcoming tour. I have been having increasing trouble with my throat for years, and this week my doctor advised me not to sing for at least two months or risk losing it,

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