Weaves was born out of a chance meeting by Jasmyn Burke and Morgan Waters.

Jasmyn cut her teeth in the Toronto music scene where she spent her teens sneaking into shows and learning DIY principles; ultimately signing with Unfamiliar (ex. Japandroids, Makeout Videotape) and releasing her first album under the name Rattail. A vet of the TV and film game, Morgan’s chaotic and instinctual production and guitar styles are littered throughout Weaves’ music.

After their fortuitous encounter, Jasmyn and Morgan agreed to meet and record demos based on the former’s iPhone voice memos. The tracks were reworked and the pair did not shy away from hooks, noise or bombast. An experiment of sound that transformed into their own unique brand of soul sludge, held together by Jasmyn’s distinctive voice and melodies.

Weaves' debut LP is streaming today, ahead of its release on Friday, June 17th

Weaves stream new album

Weaves’ debut LP is streaming today, ahead of its release on Friday, June 17th on Kanine, Buzz Records and Memphis Industries. Weaves have been…

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Weaves announce debut self-titles EP out April 1st on Buzz records. Weaves first single "Buttercup" is now streaming. Weaves will play this year at SXSW.

Weaves Announce Debut EP, Out On April 1ST

Weaves will release their self-titled debut EP, via Buzz Records. Lead single Buttercup begins with a maze of mandolins plucking their way into your brain with Jasmyn Burke’s voice sounding like it’s being played back by a gramophone. The song,

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