Tijuana Panthers are a surf rock band from Long Beach, California. After a series of 7”s, the band self-released their debut LP Max Baker.

Delta Spirit remixes Tijuans Panthers "Boardwalk"

Delta Spirit Remix Tijuana Panthers

The Tijuana Panthers got their name from the little black ceramic panther that was a present from their neighbor Max Baker—yes, the Max Baker who they named their first album after, and who deserves a bio all his own

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Tijuana Panthers offer fre download of Boardwalk from upcoming album

Tijuana Panthers Offer “Boardwalk” MP3

Semi-Sweet has every Panther contributing a part in the entire album-making process, all the way down to brainstorming new songs on drummer and singer Phil Shaheen’s ukelele. Traditional Tijuana Panthers engineer Victor Orlando Nieto split the sessions

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