AJA is the second in a trilogy of releases from Toronto art rock quartet The Darcys.
An interpretation of Steely Dan’s 1977 studio masterpiece, the album was produced, arranged and recorded by the band at home during the summer and fall of 2010.
Moody, dense and textured, AJA is an exploration of physical and emotional space and the real and imaginary divisions within it.
The decision to interpret the album in full was made during a period in which the band struggled to complete its self-titled sophomore record.
With no label and mixing stalled, The Darcys were unable to track new material, instead embracing the challenge of reshaping the collective favourite and presenting it to the world as a declaration of self-sufficiency.
“We did it because we could,” the band’s Wes Marskell explains. “And because we thought we couldn’t.”
“It became as much an art project as an album.”
More than a year later, following a multi-album deal with Arts & Crafts and the release of The Darcys on October 25, AJA is unveiled, representing an essential

link from 2011’s self-titled offering to the band’s much-anticipated third studio release.
And above all else, AJA has come to signify a crucial turning point for The Darcys – created in the darkness to bring light and living as a demonstration of resolve, proficiency and imagination.


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