The members of indie art rock band Nurses had known each other since elementary school and finally put Nurses together around 2004. On a whim, they moved from their hometown in Idaho to California. In 2006 they recorded in San Diego with producer Jason Cupp (the Elected, Finch) and self-released Hangin’ Nothin’ But Our Hands Down. The lineup as of spring 2007 consisted of Aaron Chapman (vocals, guitar, piano), John Bowers (guitar, piano, vocals), Bobby Bolton (drums, vocals), and Charlie Bolton (bass, vocals). However, for their 2009 Dead Oceans debut Apple’s Acre — which was recorded on a laptop — the group pared down to the core duo of Bowers and Chapman. Nurses expanded their sound and lineup on 2011′ s Dracula, adding member James Mitchell to the fold and recording in a studio they built in an Oregon cabin.


Review Of “Nurses” By Dracula

The market for obscure pop friendly bands is at an all time high, peculiar acts like Passion Pit, MGMT and Animal Collective have managed to embrace otherworldly sounds but with pop sensibilities to help them reach a wider audience. Another band to follow this lineage is Portland Trio Nurses, who follow up DIY debut album Apple’s Acre with sophomore offering, Dracula.

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