On his new forthcoming album Company, 24-year old Lucas Nord shares his thoughts and feelings from a recent break up. “The songs are about becoming emotionally fucked up from spending your time loving someone, but not being loved back in return”. Only a few years ago he was a ice hockey playing guy thinking about studying marketing.

The summer of 2014 Lucas Nord found himself sitting on the sofa in his tiny Stockholm-flat in something that could be described as a delayed teenage rebellion. His writing process was grinding to a halt and when he managed to put something down, it sounded shit. A creative block was starting to COME OVER HIM (overcome him) and he knew it was time to make a move, do something. It was time for a drastic change. “I’m never going back”, he thought as three weeks later he boarded a flight to London.

But in an even smaller flat in Clapham he finally found his flow again. Five months of bad weather, indian take aways and that eternal night time buzz of London life got his creativity going once more. This eventually resulted in the mini album After You. It was released in May 2015, this was his first release that was 100% Lucas Nord – music, lyrics, vocals, production and mix.