King Tuff is a recording artist on Sub Pop Records and Burger Records.
His eponymous album was released on May 29, 2012, charting at No. 21 on Billboard’s Heatseeker Albums chart. The album also debuted on the CMJ charts at No. 14, eventually climbing to No. 2 and knocking Jack White’s Blunderbuss from its top charting position.
King Tuff’s 2008 debut album entitled Was Dead was released by Tee Pee Records and is now considered collectible because so few were pressed. He has released several music videos and is currently on tour across the United States and Europe

King Tuff's "Black Moon Spell" Official Video premieres today off the album of the same title,

King Tuff Debuts “Black Moon Spell” Video

Today, King Tuff premieres the official video for “Black Moon Spell,” the title track from his 3rd album, directed by Jared Eberhart. King Tuff also had this to say about the clip: “The “Black Moon Spell” likes to dance in slithering circles around yr skull. Look at it revolving like a wicked little layer cake on yr drooling tongue. My best advice would be to kiss it,

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Review of King Tuff's 'Black Moon Spell', by Northern Transmissions,

Review Of King Tuff’s ‘Black Moon Spell’

Crafted in the hazy cauldron of winter-bound Los Angeles, King Tuff’s Black Moon Spell is a necromancer – divining the spirit of rock & roll to inevitably cast it into this loaded psych album. Touted as the album you’ve “been begging for all year; a heavily weird, heavily dark, hysterically magical Rock & Roll:

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King Tuff main man Kyle Thomas shares his favourite LPs

King Tuff Shares His Favourite Albums

King Tuff’s main man Kyle Tomas shares his favourite albums with Northern Transmissions. Some of his selections include titles by The Beatles, GG Allin, and Alice Cooper. King Tuff’s new album ‘Black Moon Spell’ is out September 23rd via Sub Pop Records.

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King Tuff is releasing their new album, Black Moon Spell, and Northern Transmissions

King Tuff Chats with Northern Transmissions

King Tuff is releasing their new album, Black Moon Spell, and Northern Transmissions got to catch up with Kyle Thomas, and find out how the magic happens. According to the Sub Pop website, “for some reason, no one can really explain how the Black Moon Spell:

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King Tuff shares "Headbanger", King Tuff's new LP 'Black Moon Spell' comes out on 9/22

King Tuff shares “Headbanger”, Updates tour

“Headbanger” is the latest offering from King Tuff’s forthcoming third album, Black Moon Spell, out September 22/23 worldwide on Sub Pop. Black Moon Spell was produced & mixed by Bobby Harlow at Studio B in Los Angeles, CA, with the exception of “I Love You Ugly” and “Radiation:

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