With his inspirations ranging from underground hip-hop head Madlib to the ultra-famous group the Beach Boys, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist Jonti creates electronica-based music that could be described as a more adorable version of the Flying Lotus sound. Born in South Africa, Jonti launched his career after moving to Australia, where he played in a band called Sherlock’s Daughter and won a production contest that offered a collaboration with Mark Ronson as its prize. In 2011 he became the first Australian artist to be signed to Stones Throw. That same year the label issued both his “Firework Spraying Moon” single and his debut album, Twirligig.


Review Of “Twirligig” By Jonti

Discussing the notion of how best to write about Jonti’s music, a DJ at California radio station KCRW remarked, “I don’t feel like writing at all. I feel like drawing a picture, with watercolours, and maybe crayon – colourful, abstract, youthfully curious, and open to interpretation.”

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