Influenced by hip-hop and dancehall, Detroit’s Jamaican Queens are an indie pop trio that shares the synth pop sensibilities of bands like Flaming Lips and MGMT. Adam Pressley and Ryan Spencer started the group a few months before their previous band, Prussia, broke up, working off of electronic beats that Presley had recorded in his house. Drummer Ryan Clancey entered the fold, and the group released a mixtape before making a video for “Kids Get Away,” off their 2013 debut full-length, Wormfood.

Jamaican Queens Debut New 'Wellfleet Outro' Video. Jamaican Queens' Debut Album Wormfood will Be Released on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl through Bandcamp.

Jamaican Queens Debut ‘Wellfleet Outro’

Detroit duo Jamaican Queens has debuted a new video for their single ‘Wellfleet Outro’. Directed by The Right Brothers, who also shot the band’s first video, ‘Kids Get Away,’ the single features a remix from Helado Negro,

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Ryan of Jamaican Queens

I also listen to a ton of Destroyer and Belle & Sebastian right now as well. Not enough to say “Best ever” but maybe next time we do an interview, I’ll say one of those. Or maybe i’ll just name a bunch of acid house records. Maybe Coltrane shit. Whatever. So hard.”

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Northern Transmissi

Interview With Ryan From Jamaican Queens

I usually just call it “experimental pop”, but I’ve called it other things as well. It depends on what kind of mood i’m in. I called us “glam rap” the other day. I like that a lot. Made me LOL. Trap Pop. Odd Pop. Queer Grunge. indie jock jams

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