After logging several years as a coffeehouse singer/songwriter, Elizabeth Harper began focusing on electronic music in 2009 with the help of producers Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal. A Philadelphia native, Richardson first appeared on Harper’s radar several years prior, when he remixed a song from her debut album. Harper preferred Richardson’s version to the original, and the two eventually reconvened in Brooklyn, where they began fusing Harper’s pop songs with sampled drumbeats and synthesized instruments. Rosenthal also joined the project, and Class Actress made their studio debut with 2010’s Journal of Ardency, an electro-pop EP that took its cues from Madonna, Depeche Mode, and the fellow Brooklyn-based band Chairlift. After hooking up with Carpark Records, the group released its first album, Rapprocher, in October of 2011.

class actress

Review Of “Rapprocher” By Class Actress

If a coma patient from the 80s were to wake-up today, would they know almost twenty five years had flown by? Look around you, global financial crisis, espadrilles, and of course the rejuvenation of the synth, basically the corner stone of the shoulder pad decade.

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