The Brooklyn-based Bear in Heaven was initially started in 1998 as a way for Jon Philpot, who was then still living in his hometown of Atlanta, to express his musical ideas during the off hours of a local recording studio. After he moved to Brooklyn at the end of the decade, Philpot continued working on his music, which included the duo Presocratics, who released a couple of records on the experimental label Table of the Elements. During the next couple of years, as more friends and associates from Atlanta and the South moved to Brooklyn, Philpot began assembling the group of musicians who would later make up the band. In 2003 he released (under the Bear in Heaven moniker but still ostensibly as a solo project) the EP Tunes Nextdoor to Songs on Eastern Developments, the label owned by Scott Herren, aka Prefuse 73. Soon, however, he added bassist and keyboardist Sadek Bazaraa, guitarist and bassist Adam Wills (who had toured with Rhys Chatham’s guitar trio), bassist James Elliott (who he had met shortly after moving to Brooklyn and was one of the founders of the Social Registry label), guitarist David Daniell, and drummer Joe Stickney and began work on new music. In 2005, Daniell left to pursue his own project, and the remaining quartet began recording the full-length Red Bloom of the Boom, shortly after which Elliott departed to work with the then unknown School of Seven Bells and pursue his own electronic solo project, Ateleia. The album was released in 2007 on Hometapes, and drew early comparisons to bands like Radiohead, Animal Collective, and Can. In October 2009, Bear in Heaven’s second album, the slightly less ambient Beast Rest Forth Mouth, came out, earning positive reviews and garnering Bear in Heaven some coveted spots at that year’s CMJ festival in New York. The band would tour endlessly as their audience grew with more positive press for Beast Rest Forth Mouth. They played over 200 shows in support of the album and in August of 2010 a companion disc of remixes was released. In early 2012 the band finished work on their third proper album I Love You, It’s Cool. To promote the album the band released a streaming version on their website, with the audio slowed down 400,000%. This rendered the relatively poppy and brash album an ambient wash of sound that stretched out for over 247 hours.

Bear In Heaven Share "Autumn" (Matthew Dear Remix),

Bear In Heaven Share Matthew Dear Remix

Today, Bear in Heaven share the fantastic new remix of their second single,”Autumn,” by the incomparable Matthew Dear. The futuristic take on the already forward-thinking track brings the beat down to a driving, pulsing heartbeat as the song takes on a new life. Bear In Heaven has also just embarked on a big European tour, starting tonight in Brussels, BE at Beursschouwburg:

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Young Magic Release Sun Glitters Remix, Touring US with Bear In Heaven,

Young Magic Release Sun Glitters Remix

Comprised of Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel, Young Magic released their sophomore record, Breathing Statues, this May via Carpark Records, and have been busy playing shows with Autre Ne Veut, Fuck Buttons and more, in addition to getting their:

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Bear In Heaven share "Autumn" Video & Catch Them On Tour; Time Is Over One Day Old Out Now, Bear In Heaven play their next show tonight in Baton Rouge

Bear In Heaven Share “Autumn” Video

Bear In Heaven are currently on tour in North America in support of their new album, Time Is Over One Day Old (out now on Dead Oceans/Hometapes). They’ve previously shared album singles “Time Between” and “Autumn” as well as the video for:

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Weeknight Premieres Announces Tour with Bear In Heaven 'Post-Everything' Vinyl + Digital LP Out on Artificial Records, Weeknight play August 13 in Baltimore

Weeknight Announces Tour with Bear In Heaven

Weeknight’s Post-Everything curates an eerie vibe. Analog and electric creep together seamlessly on this New York duo’s debut album, bringing together hard beats with a soft touch. Weeknight hops between genres effortlessly, creating an evocative,

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Young Magic Announce Tour with Bear In Heaven, Release New Remix for "Sert One" and Video for “Holographic” European Tour Begins Next Week in Emmaboda, SE

Young Magic Announce Tour with Bear In Heaven

Young Magic have announced a tour this summer with Bear In Heaven, a month-long string of dates taking them all over North America. In celebration of the tour, the duo has released a new remix for “Holographic” by Liverpool beatmaker SertOne,

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Everything is New Project Shares Rustie Video/Stream & Marram's "With Us Instead". Everything Is New Project in aid of Children in Southeast India.

Everything is New Project Shares Rustie Video

A joyous and invigorating international outreach project in aid of “untouchable” children in southeast India, Everything is New consists of two separate music releases – Marram’s Sun Choir featuring Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doseone,

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Bear in Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool

Brooklyn based rock band Bear In Heaven have been teasing fans since December by playing their new record I Love You, It’s Cool on their website, however it’s a version that has been slowed down by 400,000%. It actually makes for an interesting piece of ambient background noise, but it’s the real version (to be released on Hometapes April 3rd) fans are interested in.

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