Ariel Pink was raised in the Beverlywood area of Los Angeles, attending Beverly Hills High School and later the California Institute of the Arts.[3] In high school, Pink was a fan of such Gothic rock acts as Christian Death, Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, and The Cure (whom he cites as his favorite band. He started writing songs “around age 10” and has recorded over 500 songs on hundreds of cassette tapes since 1996.

Pink produces and plays almost all of his own music, and is noted for creating drum sounds using primarily his mouth, and sometimes his armpits. His home recording technique gives his music a very lo-fi sound. Pink’s influences range from Michael Jackson to R. Stevie Moore—whom Pink calls a friend, mentor, and “father of home recording”.

Aside from his music, Pink creates and sells semi-abstract and surreal grotesque drawings which can be viewed at his unofficial website.

Pink married Alisa Daniels in July 2002; they divorced in 2005.[citation needed] He lived with Geneva Jacuzzi for seven years until early 2011. He currently lives alone and is open to applications