Andrew Bird is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Pickathon Releases 2013 Live Stream Broadcast Schedule; Watch On &

Pickathon Releases 2013 Live Stream Schedule

Pickathon welcomes you to join them in digital spirit as they transmit our signals across the World Wide Web. Always committed to providing the highest quality video and audio, Pickathon will broadcast performances via the festival website (,

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Andrew Bird unveils ‘Give It Away’

Earlier this year Andrew Bird released ‘Break It Yourself’ – One of the highlights of the album was the single ‘Give It Away’ and now we have a video to accompany this song. Directed by Jessica Paliza

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Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself

American songwriter Andrew Bird has been playing music since age four, and now at the ripe old age of 38, he is releasing his seventh solo album – another project to add to his long list of ventures. Bird has featured on a wide range of albums including those by Final Fantasy and Bonny Prince Billy, his most recent contribution was to The Muppets: Original Soundtrack; Bird has dipped his toes in many musical waters over the years.

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