Alvvays (ȯl-wēz) can be found under the overpass, jingle-jangling sun-splashed fuzz pop. Molly Rankin (lead vocals/guitar) and Kerri Maclellan (keyboards) grew up as next-door neighbours in Cape Breton, lifting fiddles and singing folk-songs. Different kinds of heartbreaks soon came calling: as teens they discovered Teenage Fanclub and the Jesus & Mary Chain, Dolly Mixture and Belle & Sebastian. The same noisy melancholy wafted over to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, finding Alec O’Hanley (guitar), Brian Murphy (bass) and Phil MacIsaac (drums).

Molly Rankin from Alvvays favourite five LPs, some of her picks include titles by Orange Juice

Molly Rankin from Alvvays favourite five LPs

Molly Rankin from Alvvays shares her favourite five LPs with Northern Transmissions. Some of her picks include, titles by Cocteau Twins, Orange Juice and The Feelies. Alvvays’ self titled full-length is now out on Royal Mountain/Polyvinyl Records. The band are about to start a European tour with Real Estate.

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Northern Transmissions interview with Molly Rankin from the band Alvvays

Interview With Molly Rankin from ‘Alvvays’

Our friend’s parents live on an amazing sailboat, and we thought it’d be fun to film us sailing around Toronto Island. Around half-way through, we heard an explosion inside the camera and found out it was the battery. Thanks to Google, we were able to find out how to neutralize the acid and carried on with the day:

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