Busdriver Shares "Eat Rich" Video, Tour with clipping and Milo,

Busdriver Shares “Eat Rich” Video, Tour Dates

What would Gravity’s Rainbow sound like as a rap album? Here is an album which, if we may, reminds the listener of their whispered allegiances to fundamental realities. The brushstrokes are delicate, stabbing, pointed. The overwhelming crescendo they whirl towards may be one of bitterness:

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The Uncluded release "Hokey Flight" and 10" video

The Uncluded To Release Album Via Rhymesavers

When the pair collaborated on both Aesop’s Skelethon (Rhymesayers) and Kimya’s Thunder Thighs (Great Crap Factory), the two decided that they wanted to continue making music with each other as a group. The band name, which means to keep the things you don’t appreciate out of your life

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The Uncluded release Delicate Cycle, 2nd part of trilogy of videos

The Uncluded Release Another Video

n advance of the release of their upcoming debut album Hokey Fright, The Uncluded (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson) are happy to unveil the second of three short videos to help you get familiar with their unique personalities and aesthetic

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