Album Reviews

Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

'Drunk' by Thundercat, album review by Gregory Adams. The full-length comes out on February 24th via Brainfeeder.


Just a couple of seconds into “Captain Stupido,” the second track on L.A. bass wizard Thundercat’s new LP, Drunk, the master musician makes the…

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Dumb Blood' by Vant, album review by Adam Williams

Dumb Blood

If you’re going to set out a stall for a politically charged record, you might as well kick it off with the searing bombast…

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'New Spirit' by PVT album review by Adam Williams.

New Spirit

When you think of political upheaval you think of the recent US elections and President Trump, you think of Brexit, you think of the…

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'Fin' by Syd, album review by Gregory Adams.


Fin is a curious title for the first formal solo release from Syd. If we’re taking the French route, the word translates to “end,”…

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