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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Danzig 'Skeletons' album review for Northern Transmissions, reviewed by Gregory Adams


The last several years have been a major dry spell for Glenn Danzig fans, with the beloved, baritone-voiced punk-and-metal icon not having issued a…

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Review of 'Plaitum' by Plaitum, the UK band's debut comes out on December 4th via Wolftone Records.


Plaitum comprises close friends Abi Dersiley and Matt Canham, two Colchester, UK natives that have been involved in each other’s lives since they were…

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Review of '25' BY Adele


Without question, Adele’s just-released 25 is the record event of 2015. For one, it’s the UK mega-star’s first album in over four years. Her…

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Riot Boi by Le1f review by Gregory Adams. The full-length comes out on November 13th via terrible/XL Recordings.

Riot Boi

Back in September, New York rapper Le1f used his Twitter account to publicly label “Koi,” a sparkly club clapper from his debut LP, Riot…

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Review of '13' by Norman Westberg. The Swans' member solo album comes out on November 13th


  The second coming of Swans was a godsend. Since getting the band back together in 2010, Michael Gira and his accomplices have conspired…

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