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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

'Heads Up' by Warpaint, album review by Gareth O' Malley

Heads Up

Your reaction to the lead single from Warpaint’s third album will have considerable bearing on how you feel about the rest of it. ‘New…

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'Premium' by Sam Evian, album review by Matthew Wardell


Premium marks the solo debut of Sam Evian, a.k.a. Sam Owens of the Brooklyn-based indie trio, Celestial Shore. Running in at just 35 minutes…

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'AIM' by M.I.A. album review by Daniel Geddes. The full-length is now out via Interscope records.


M.I.A’s fifth album AIM is, if we are to take her word for it, the last. Despite this, the tone of the record is…

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