Album Reviews

Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

'New Skin' by CRX, album review by Gregory Adams

New Skin

The Strokes haven’t exactly been quiet this year, the New York band having issued their Future Present Past EP back in the spring and…

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'Clear Shot' by Toy, album review Jake Fox. The full-length comes out October 28th

Clear Shot

On Clear Shot Toy blends elements of indie, shoe-gaze and kraut-rock. Each track baits listeners with simple enough beginnings, but evolves into a rich…

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'T.C.R.' by Sleaford Mods, album review by Adam Williams. T


Sleaford Mods trade in the kind of work-a-day, humdrum yarns that soundtrack life’s most mundane activities. This can easily be translated into realism but…

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