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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Review of 'Destroyer' by Los Angeles band Telepathe, the album comes out on August 7th via BZML


Cloaked in secrecy and veiled in mystery, at least to prying eyes online, Brooklyn-located, electronic-pop act Telepathe’s long-awaited sophomore album is finally set to…

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‘St. Catherine

Ducktails began as Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile’s outlet for his exploratory, predominantly instrumental solo experiments. Of the years, however, it’s become less of…

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Vinyl Williams new album 'Into' reviewed by Jen Dan. The full length comes out on July 24th on Company Records.


Los Angeles-based Lionel Williams, the grandson of renowned composer and conductor John Williams, is the architect behind the Vinyl Williams music and art project….

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Review of the new album by Mas Ysa 'Seraph.' The full length comes out July 28th via Downtown Records


Thomas Arsenault is the brains behind Montreal-born electro-pop project Mas Ysa. After garnering some hype with his 2014 EP Worth, Arsenault returns on July…

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