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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Review 'Esc' by Doldrums


Montreal’s Doldrums certainly have a mastery of textures. On their latest release they take elegant melodies and dance-ready electronics and mash them together for…

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'GN" by Ratboys, album review by Adam Williams.


From country-esque twangs to the delicately hushed vocals of guitarist Julia Steiner, Ratboy’s sophomore album ‘GN’ is rooted in organic soil; fertile ground for…

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'Chroma' by MT. EDDY, album review by Adam Williams. The full-length is out via Uncool Records.


It would seem it’s not only Austin Powers that can say “Danger is my middle name”. Jakob, son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe…

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