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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Review of 'Beach Music' by Alex G, the album comes out on October 9th via Domino Records.

Beach Music

There’s an undercurrent of ’90s-era slacker rock flowing through Alex G’s new Beach Music LP, though the feel doesn’t translate to the Philly busy-body’s…

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Review of 'V' by WAVVES, the band's new full-length album comes out on October 2nd via Ghost Ramp/Warner Bros


Is Nathan Williams, the man behind the last surviving lo-fi band of the late 2000s, really five albums deep? While it’s not surprising that…

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Review of the new album by Shopping 'Why Choose', the band's full-length comes out on October 2nd via FatCat Records.

Why Choose

Londoners and Covergirl bandmates Rachel Aggs (vocals, guitar), Billy Easter (bass), and Andrew Milk (drums, vocals) consolidated as the DIY, indie post-punk trio Shopping…

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Review of Caracal, the new full-length by Disclosure. The band's full-length is out today on PMR/Island Records.


Dance music is seemingly everywhere these days, and Disclosure has played an important role in the genre’s rise to ubiquity. English siblings Guy and…

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