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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Northern Transmissions' review of 'Loner' by Caroline Rose


Even in the folk-pop of her previous release America Religious, Caroline Rose asserted that she had something to say that many of her contemporaries…

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Northern Transmissions' Our review of 'Sir' by Fischerspooner


Club sounds don’t always need to be about dance music. Though Fischerspooner have been kicking around for the better parts of two decades now,…

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Northern Transmissions' 'review of 'Basic Behaviour' by Frigs

Basic Behaviour

Longtime Canadian indie label extraordinaire Arts & Crafts has been known for producing acts that are relatively light on the ears, like Stars, Timber…

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Northern Transmissions' 'Review of Strange Names' new full-length 'Data'


Nostalgia is a thing, isn’t it? What with everyone dressing like it’s 1992 or gorging ourselves on the 80s inspired Netflix smash, Stranger Things,…

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