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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Album Review of 'Rainbow' by Kesha


In keeping with the album’s themes of perseverance against all odds, it’s pretty remarkable that Rainbow exists at all. It’s Kesha’s first record after…

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Our review of Walter TV's new full-length 'Carpe Diem'

Carpe Diem

On their third record, Canadian janglers Walter TV have it down to fascinating science. Much more than a simple side-project for Mac Demarco’s live…

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Review of Oh, Yuck by So Much Light:

Oh, Yuck

Damien Verrett’s latest effort as So Much Light is a true wonder of indie synth-pop. Filtering mainstream pop through his unique instrumentation and imagination,…

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Review of 'Yellow' by Naomi Punk:


Harnessing something that would be raw and mystifying live, Naomi Punk have somewhat of a strange offering of a record. While often either too…

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