Zzbra – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Artist: Zzbra
Title: Zzbra: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Camobear
Rating: 8.7

Evil Ebenezer’s The Birds album came out via free download last December. At the same time came release of his on the real “Wonder Years” video, filmed in Vienna. While that record generated songs from the darker sides of experience, but a month later comes Zzbra: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack… on
the flipside. Evil’s team-up with iconic rapper Moka Only goes by name of Zzbra. These goods are pure vibrancy and upbeat sounds.

Borne out of Vancouver’s nearby zones of Pacific temperate rain forests, Zzbra arose from the faux backstory of the “1997 jungle masterpiece” that never made it to the big screen. Slightly confusing this is, but it all gets tied together through subtle additions of the odd roaring animal samples and old time jungle movie recordings.

Laidback intelligent rhymes over big sounding beats with lots of horns and breaks (and the odd over the top electric guitar solo, as on “Running Back”) make up the record. Stuey Kubrick’s production with U-Tern builds amped-up party energy to accompany Moka Only’s backstreet natural flow, and Ebenezer’s to the point and passionate rhymes.

Getting into some of the tracks, “Let’s Roll” follows the “Intro” with jazz-inspired hip hop beats and smooth good vibe dialogue between rappers on the move.(“Pass me a light man.” “That’s nice, man. We rock the show all night man. The crowd is waiting, you can feel their excitement”).

“Number” about that love that never made it (“I used to think I was Number One/ Now I’m just a lonely man”) features catchy piano groove with lyrics bearing integrity. Creative connections between songs build consistency. For example, “Elephants” and “Call 4 Some Help” seem to use the same beat, and lyrics from “Lets Roll” (“I roll with Ebeneze, I look Lebanese”) grow into a whole new song (“I Look Lebanese”) that represents bass-y with Arabic rooted instrumentals.

Both rappers remain true to their styles on this record that was actually recorded a few years back. Nevertheless, Zzbra: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’s good time energy is right on point for 2012.

Sarah Ferguson

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