White Denim Interview With Northern Transmissions


Here’s a quick chat we had with Steve from White Denim. The kids are super busy the days on tour with Wilco, making music, and catching the odd Baseball game (no pun intended)

NT: ‘D’ was a bit of a departure from previous releases to more of an expansive psychedelic style. Was this the kind of record you always wanted to make?

ST: Yes, but that goes for all of our records as well. Our next record will be another record we always wanted to make.

NT: I read a quote that says “you guys sounded like kids raised on 64 Gb Ipods and 64 Oz slurpees’, do you find strange it interesting how the press conceives your music?

ST: Always. We can’t understand half of the interpretations so we take it all with a grain of salt. I’m sure that person was really excited that he linked 7-11 with Apple though.

NT: You guys started out as a power trio then added guitarist Austin Jenkins last year. Do you feel the band has found it’s sound since he joined?

ST: We are a band of exploring sounds. We found some sounds before he joined the group and now that he is in it we are finding more. I can promise that our next record will have sounds on it never heard before on a White Denim record!

NT: What was the reason originally to release ‘Last Days Os Summer’ for free?

ST: We had 2 records finished in 2010 with no way to release them in sight. Legally, this was the quickest way we could release it. We are very happy that it has come full circle and is being released on vinyl and everything. There’s an industry record cycle, and there’s a White Denim cycle.

NT: James Petralli’s dad was a pro baseball player, are you guys big fans?

ST: Josh and James are huge fans of the game, even played it as youngsters. Austin and I enjoy watching the game and would never turn down the opportunity to watch a Rangers game with Geno.

NT: Can you tell us five records which really had an impact on you?

ST: XTC – Drums and Wires
Tuxedomoon – Desire
Captain Beefheart – Clear Spot
Necromandus – Orexis of Death
Labradford – E Luxo So

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