We Are The Willows Share Album Details

We Are The Willows Share Album Details, share their new single

We Are The Willows have announced the release of the new full-length album Picture (Portrait) Pt. 1, out November 4th on The Homestead Records. The Minneapolis based six-piece have premiered the song “Dear Ms. Branstner” as a preview of the material found on the album. The lyrics and inspiration for all the songs comprising Picture (Portrait) Pt. 1, are derived from a series of 350 letters written by songwriter/frontman Peter Miller’s grandfather to his grandmother while he was stationed in the Southwest Pacific during World War II. Their correspondence inspired Miller to explore themes of family, separation, life, death, and identity in a time of national and personal crisis.

We Are The Willows’ orchestral indie-rock ensemble features Miller’s unique countertenor voice and guitar, supported by Jeremiah Satterthwaite (guitar/banjo), Leah Ottman (violin/voice/keys), Hilary James (cello/voice/keys), Travis Collins (bass), and Stephen Lindquist (drums/voice). Together they craft dynamic, intimate songs with instruments and voices combining to create energetic rhythms and intricate melodies. Their heartfelt arrangements evoke shared nostalgic feelings of love and loss.






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