The Wave Pictures And Billy Childish Team Up

THE WAVE PICTURES Announce new album Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, created in collaboration with Billy Childish

The Wave Pictures are excited to announce their brand new album, Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, which was created in collaboration with one of their all time heroes, Billy Childish. Bursting with energy and ignited with a garage-rock spark, the album rings loud and bold, showcasing Dave Tattersall’s searing guitar solos and sharp lyrical wit. The album will be released via Moshi Moshi on 16th February, listen to first single, ‘Pea Green Coat’ below…

Pea Green Coat’ is the last song on the record, but the first song that Dave Tattersall and Billy Childish wrote together. The music is all Billy’s including guitar on the thrilling giant riff running through the song, with brilliant Brit-blues harmonica from studio engineer Jim Riley. Lyrically, Dave lets rip with his signature word-play and fantastical imagery; “I really did see someone wearing a pea green coat, seeming somewhat lost in a crowd of black coats, in St Pancras station once, and I wished that they were waiting for me. That image stuck in my mind for years, and came out here.”  The rest of the story owes something to John Boorman’s ”Point Blank”, or, more precisely, to a dream Dave had the night he watched ”Point Blank” for the first time.

Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon was recorded entirely using Billy Childish’s equipment, including his 60s Selmer amps, a 60s drum kit and his rocket-ship shaped guitars. Billy helped to bring out a different side to The Wave Pictures and inject a renewed enthusiasm to the recording process. Tattersall said that he; “was a joy to work with and we love the record. It was the most fun we’ve ever had making a record and to us it’s the most exciting sounding thing we’ve ever done.”

The Wave Pictures trio – Jonny Helm, Dave Tattersall and Franic Rozycki – love a good collaboration and over the years have worked as backing band to musicians such as Daniel Johnston, Stanley Brinks and Darren Hayman. Having formed when Dave and Franic were teenagers in 1998, they have always been incredibly prolific, with Dave writing so many songs that the band have made at least one album every year since they moved to London in 2006. Their varied discography captures a range of styles and influences, from garage rock to afro-pop to country punk, all recorded live with few overdubs. They never use keyboards or guitar effects pedals yet they have all they need to create the perfect rock and roll record.

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