Twin Shadow Live In Vancouver




In the haze of endless smoke that poured onstage for over two hours Twin Shadow took the floor in Vancouver. Touring for his latest acclaimed album release Confess, it was one of the most hyped live shows of the summer for the city.  His exotic line up, stunts and humbleness did not disappoint anyone in the packed crowd.

The town came out Saturday night to finally listen to the velvety voice that every so often at night embodies the body of George Lewis Jr. Sporting his unique 1986 look and with a loud electric guitar refuting his reputation as a pop crooner. The set list included some of the most stellar tracks from Confess but surprisingly it was his 2010 Forget album that overpowered the show. With quiet demeanor almost showing off that amazing vocal power that opened with Golden Light followed by a more hardcore rendition of the instant modern classic Five Seconds. Castles in the Snow happened later, Run My Heart after and smoke kept engulfing us all. Then a guy in back yelled ‘I want to have your abortion’, I still don’t know what it means but thought it was Vancouver funny.

There are times during concerts when things go wrong and the reaction from the band up there allows for something else to sparkle that is not part of the rehearsed sound or staged performance. During the last verse You Call Me On his lower E string snapped, after five seconds of hesitation George Lewis Jr. improvised Slow a capella as the string caught the only spotlight shining down on him. For those three minutes he stood there alone in front of hundreds like a retro monument, singing his soul off and as retribution the people erupted with praise. Timely landmark synths filled in a heartfelt melody that fused into the closing set song The One. The band exited courteously but Vancouver wasn’t ready to head out to the street and summer just yet. After some minutes of cheering they came back out again with an anticipated and powerful encore, I Don’t Care. The live show had more reverb than the album and Twin Shadow had more to give than promised that night. The one thing he left behind was the expectation to his return.

Words by Chris Kummerfeldt.