Review Of “Leisure Seizure” By Tom Vek

TOM VEK unveils new video for upcoming single, ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’, released 9th June via Moshi Moshi Records. Tom Vek plays July 11 in london

Tom Vek

Artist: Tom Vek
Title: Leisure Seizure
Record Label: Island
Rating: 8.9

Much has been said already about Tom Vek reappearing onto the musical map after being out of the public eye for so long. There is a six year gap between Vek’s debut, We Have Sound and sophomore LP, Leisure Seizure. Upon the announcement that Vek was back and had crafted another album, the blogosphere went nuclear, music fans and critics heralded Vek’s return like the second coming of Christ.

Leisure Seizure picks up where We Have Sound left off. The album is awash with scatter gun drums, quirky electronic flourishes and interweaving, intricate guitar riffs which ebb and flow to create vast layers of sound. The trademark Vek vocal delivery is back, but this time with an assured confidence. This second outing by Vek has a wonderful juxtaposed texture, as the music is always upbeat and crafted to make your hips shake but Vek’s vocal carries a certain melancholy tone that adds a darker undercurrent to proceedings.

Vek has managed to maintain the minimal arrangements of his debut, but has added more meat to the bones with Leisure Seizure without over egging the pudding. This is wonderfully documented in stand out tracks ‘We Do Nothing’ and ‘World of Doubt’ which carry a darker guitar tone compared to the rest of the record.

As a change of pace from the staccato drums, sombre track ‘Close Mic’ed’ glides towards your ear drums with a mixture of synthetic beats and electronic drones, which adds a new texture compared to the jittery dancefloor fillers.

Let’s hope he doesn’t spend another six years bettering Leisure Seizure, welcome back Mr Vek.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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