The Memories Announce New Record

The Memories announce new album "Love Is The Law"

Love Is The Law, the second installment to the saga of The Memories, is a stoned tale of sex, drugs, and romance in modern America, and it’s coming out July 23rd on Burger Records. It’s sweet weed, late nights, chill days, sweat, beer, tears, whiskey, women, and wine. And just for good measure, it’s also female anatomy, cuddling, employment, unemployment, Star Trek, sex dreams, cellphones, heartbreak, penis size, cunnilingus, after parties, and past lovers.

“All the songs came naturally,” says Rikky Gage (vocals, rhythm guitar). “Kyle [Handley] would write the music and I’d write the words. All the lyrics are about things that we know or do,” he says. “All the songs are written from the stuff I got laying around in my memories, fresh and old,” explains Gage. Band name mystery solved!

An album transient in its recording and composition, Love Is The Law was written and tracked from 2010 to 2012 in different bedrooms, apartments, houses, and hallways; on drugs and in love with life. Some of the songs date back to sessions from their debut LP, while some are new. But one of the more notable differences between albums is the addition of bassist Izak Arida.

While the band members split their time in other bands – Gage and Handley in White Fang, Arida in BOOM! – it’s the band they’re in together that’s right here, right now, and looking towards the future. “It’s about having a lust for everything and believing that love is never far away,” says Gage of the new album. “We want people to hear these songs and remember their exes. We want people to remember things and smile. To remember and to savor the flavor.”

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