Supreme Cuts Interview


Here’s our chat with Austin from Supreme Cuts. We talked about the arts scene in Chicago, Laying it down in the studio, other stuff. Hey Diddy, gives these guys a bell.

NT: Your new record “Whispers In The Dark” is really full of atmospheric soundscapes, ambient, and various drum samples, so many sounds. Yet it really works. Was this the album you were trying to make from the beginning?

AK: We spent the first few years of our friendship meticulously planning what our first full length would sound like; the places we wanted to take it, the influences we chose to reflect, the feel of it, and the concepts behind it.

NT: What was the collaboration process?

AK: We both sat in the same room everyday for 3 months behind a computer, synths, and samplers. One of us would add 3 or so elements, or about 30 minutes, and then switch off. If we are excited about a track one of us will imagine what they want to add as the other works. Then we mixed it a ton and didn’t stop until we felt confident that we had reached our goal and made the statement we set out to. Basically we just both felt the ‘finished’ vibes; kicked back with some ramen or whatever to celebrate.

NT: I had to ask about that Sam Lipp mixed art piece with the eyeball that appears on your Tumblr, that’s pretty different. Is he a friend of yours?

AK: Im glad you asked that! Samm Lipp is a great friend, an extremely talented fine artist, and an integral figure in a large group of sophisticated young artists here in Chicago. More specifically a member of the ‘PPLSFT’ collective who are responsible for Supreme Cuts’ Jordan nails logo from our Trouble era, as well as the subliminal message cosmos artwork for ‘Whispers’. They do all our design work. Catch the 3rd edition of their legendary ‘Cocktails’ gallery show in Oakland this summer (if you missed the Chicago/ Philly editions, or were cool enough to be there and want to see more)

NT: Your guys love of R and B and Hip Hop runs pretty deep, and in the past you have made beats for other artists. Are you working with anyone else these days?

AK: We are hashtag Blessed to be working with (on the D.L.) our favorite singers and rappers on Earth right now. Granted our taste probably differs heavily from the general pub. Can’t really spill the beans; but get psyched (we jump up and down on the reg. from excitement)

NT: The song “Ciroc Waterfalls” I’m guessing is an ode to Diddy. Have you sent him the track? I hope he sends you a couple of cases.

AK: If you have Sean’s personal email please let us know how we can contact him directly. Mike has some very important things to discuss with him.

NT: Despite some of the maudlin beats, I think you guys have a pretty good sense of humour. It’s probably pretty important considering the amount of time spent in the studio?


NT: How did the tour with Polica come about?

AK: Mutual respect

NT: If you could only keep five records from your collection?


1. Dj Funk- Booty House Anthems
2. The Klf- Chill out
3. Sexual Magic- Prurient
4. William Basnski- Melencholia
5.Teaholics- Issue

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