Suckers Interview


Here’s our interview with Quinn from Suckers. We thank him for having a great sense of humour.

NT: The amount of bands coming out of Brooklyn is pretty incredible. Can you explain to someone who doesn’t live in NYC, what the scene is all about, and what drives it?

QW: New York is full of so much artistic history and energy, it’s impossible to live there and not feel overwhelmingly inspired. We’re all feeding off the same nipple. And Northside car service helps drive us.

NT: Are the costumes and facepaint still a big part of the Suckers live show?

QW: When it feels appropriate or depending on how much acid or goat’s blood i’ve been drinking.

NT: Tell me about ‘It Gets Your Body Moving’ What was the inspiration behind that song? It’s really quite catchy and inspiring. There was also a bit of maintenance with the record company
involving the tune.

QW: Thanks! No particular inspiration other than 3 dudes hanging out in a soggy practice space with some sparks.

NT: Can you give us some details on the upcoming album ‘Candy Salad’? Was there a different approach in the recording process?

QW: The album was basically all written and recorded in one chunk. A chunk is a measure of time.Time is what it took to write and record this album. A chunk can also refer to mass. I like this album more. All will be revealed April 24th.

NT: Are you amazed at how well David Bowie has aged?

QW: I thought he was 23?

NT: Are you guys psyched to play the new songs live?

QW: Very much so. We’re big on variety.

NT: I read that you described your first EP as a piddle, but ‘Wild Smile’ as ‘a puddle of piss’ lol.Can you tell me about that quote.

QW: Umm, did I say that? Well, in terms of size that seems quite fitting. So I’ll just go ahead and say this next one is a more contained toilet bowl of piss with a couple turds on top.

NT: If you had to pick only five albums to take with you?

QW: Hmmmmm, if I could be thoughtful about this it would be really tough, but since we only have a working radio I’d have to say I wish every city had NPR and hot 97.

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