Review Of “Scintilli” By Plaid



Artist: Plaid
Title: Scintilli
Record Label: Warp
Rating: 7.5

An attribute to any album is when the record invokes a cinematic appeal, akin to the soundtrack of a long lost motion picture. This can be said of the latest output by London based electronic duo Plaid. Their new LP, entitled ‘Scintilli’, carries the overwhelming thread of a cyber thriller, the kind of sonic assault that marries the future-retro appeal of Blade Runner and Tron.

‘Scintilli’ peaks and troughs like any good film soundtrack, as opening track ‘Missing’ begins subtly with gentle harpsichord tones. After the initial sombre starting notes, it’s down to business, as second track ‘Eye Robot’ warps into view, with fuzzy electronics and layers of crashing synths, this is where the journey really begins.

Plaid have crafted an album of diverse appeal, as at times the LP creates an intense listening experience which is illustrated by key track ‘Somni’ as synth warbles collide with all manner of undulating electronic flourishes. However amongst the hectic moments, you will discover a gentler, human side. ‘Craft Nine’ is a moment of calm in the eye of the electronic storm, which provides a moment of respite before the ensuing digital carnage kick starts once more.

‘Scintilli’ isn’t your normal electronic record by any stretch of the imagination, a number of the tones and noises throughout the record carry an otherworldly motif which could have been beamed in from a far off galaxy.

‘Scintilli’ is an album of intriguing qualities and has a depth that unravels upon every listen; we just need to pitch it to Hollywood to give it the movie it deserves.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

Plaid Music

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