Review Of “Radiant Door” By Crystal Stilts


Crystal Stilts

Artist: Crystal Stilts
EP: Radiant Door
Label: Sacred Bones
Rating: 7.5

Brooklyn noise pop band Crystal Stilts are set to release a new EP just seven months after their second EP In Love With Oblivion, the well received release from April 2011. Recorded earlier this year, the band’s guitarist JB Townsend produced the new record with Brad Hargett on vocals, Kyle Forester on the keyboard(s), Andy Adler on bass and Keegan Cooke on drums.

Known for their noise-y, reverb-y style, Crystal Stilts stay true to their sound but add some strong new ideas to the mix in Radiant Door which is a country influenced release. “Dark Eyes” is probably the best of the bunch, a clap-y, inspired number. Title track “Radiant Door” is a jangly, guitar driven track packed with echo and in-coherent vocals. “Still As The Night” begins with affecting bass lines which run throughout and are highlighted with low rumbling vocals reminiscent of those of a 1970’s country star, Hargett sings repeatedly “Still as the night, cold as the wind”.

Side B starts with “Low Profile” a hypnotic drum centered song that goes on a little too long. It ends with “Frost Inside The Asylums” which is the longest track at nearly 6 minutes long, and includes the most delicate guitar playing, tambourine shaking and signature hazy sound.

The album reflects what they have been listening to; the sounds of British post- punk band Blue Orchids who formed in the late 1970’s and American country rockabilly Sanford Clark. The country style seems to be a great direction for the band and has influenced some original material in this EP. The Stilts will be staying close to home this fall, working on new material to release in the new year. They are also due to tour the US this month.

Reviewed by Heather Welsh.

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