Review of “Gravity” By Coma



Artist: Coma
Title: Gravity
Record Label: Kompakt
Rating: 8.0
We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced that hedonistic rush of when the beat drops or the synths surge and all you can do is lose your mind. Like it or loathe it, dance music is a massive, massive deal and as more dance acts are leaping out of the clubs and onto the festival circuit, its just going to get bigger.

German duo Coma, are an example of this cross over phenomenon, as they embrace all manner of live instrumentation including guitar and live vocals, while meshed with synths and laptop loops to create their sonic assault.

The electronic two piece who go by the name of Coma are known to their Mums and Dads as Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad. The pair bonded over their collective love of old school techno, rave and 80s pop music to create the digital concoction they produce today.

Gravity is the latest output by the two strong techno heads and sees them follow in the same footsteps as the Famous EP. Gravity’s opening track ‘Fiction’ begins with siren like electronics and sporadic beats that sound like lethargic thunderclaps. This combination slowly builds to then include a heavily synthesized vocal which provokes a comparison to French electronic duo Air. ‘Fiction’ has all the hallmarks of a euphoric 4am, hands in the air club moment.

The title track of the EP, ramps up the tempo to create a glorified club banger, as the beats are heavy and the synths aimed directly at your feet. Just as ‘Fiction’ could soundtrack the end of a night, ‘Gravity’ is the beating heart of these riotous times and acts as the pulse of the EP.

It’s left to ‘Total DLY’ to bring the album to a close. The final track is an amalgamation of the previous songs, as it’s equally euphoric and stuttering with heavy synth. ‘Total DLY’ builds and builds to create a joyous wall of sound while beats and synths collide at high speed.

Coma have managed to create a sophisticated dance record that indulges all of the senses, without dumbing itself down, a real triumph.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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