Review Of “Days” By Real Estate


Real Estate

Artist: Real Estate
Title: Days
Record Label: Domino
Rating: 8.0

A captured memory is something to savour, the feeling of having that perfect moment locked away in your mind, stored somewhere safe to recall when times get rough. Real Estate are the masters of all things reflective and subtly poignant. The nostalgic tones of Real Estate’s latest LP ‘Days’ could quite easily be the soundtrack to these cherished times.

‘Days’ is a love letter to the band’s native home of New Jersey and the shimmering guitars and laid back rhythms helps document moments spent enjoying longer summer breaks and reminiscing over being carefree and foolish.

The band established themselves with their self titled debut, but their return with ‘Days’ sees the group in good spirits with a convincing upbeat spring in their step. The sepia tone of Real Estate’s sonic projection is adorned across this album like ice cream smeared across a child’s face on a warm summer’s day. The upbeat jangle of ‘It’s Real’ decorated with exquisite vocal harmonies is a perfect example of how expansive yet intimate this trio’s sound can be. ‘Kinder Blumen’ is another track which conjures evocative images of melancholy and precious moments. The track is purely instrumental, but even without the vocal melodies the three piece still manage to communicate a laid back, relaxed vibe.

Real Estate may have produced an album drenched in all things languid, but by no means is ‘Days’ a dull listen. This LP has a certain level of depth and charm that makes you want to revisit it over and over again, much like those precious, treasured memories.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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