Review – “Looping State Of Mind” By The Field


The Field

Artist: The Field
Title: Looping State of Mind
Record Label: Kompakt
Rating: 6.5

With the continuous cycle of undulating synths and electronics that throb slyly, The Field have created an album to suit its new album title wonderfully. Looping State of Mind does exactly that, this third LP by Axel Willner has a hypnotic tendency that mesmerises with every rotation of digital pulse.

The Field, who have drawn plaudits from Pitchfork and toured with the likes of LCD Soundsystem and !!!, have maintained the essence of their earlier work with the intricate layering of samples and recurring patterns, while injecting more organic elements into the digital melee. Looping State of Mind is awash with digital nuances gliding over double bass and piano parts to ensure a human touch is ever present.

The album itself is a curious listen as each track comfortably blends into each other with ease. Equally some tracks clock in at over ten minutes, meaning that the constant repetition of samples and electronics often turn into musical wallpaper.

Within the regular duplication of sound, there are standout moments, namely during ‘Burned Out’ with its stuttering rhythms and sampled moaned vocals. Similarly ‘Arpeggiated Love’ has an infectious elastic bounce that propels the track along.

The Field are masters of their own craft and Looping State of Mind does precisely that. However the incessant repetition can be at times too much to bear, you could say it might send you round the twist.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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