Real Estate Interview


Northern Transmissions catches up with Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker

NT: Congratulations on your latest album Days. I believe it took over five months to record. Was there a conscious decision at the beginning to really take your time, or were there periods of second guessing the process?

AB: We were in no rush to finish the record , we had time on our side and always knew we would take as long as we needed to finish something that we were proud of.

NT: Real Estate sing about suburbs, municipalities, lakes, and orchards to name a few geographical type of references. What is the inspiration or fascination behind all these topics?

AB: We’ve been to many different places in the last 2 years. Many of us have really seen a lot of the world for the first time recently, so geography is a major factor in our lives these days… Where we are and also where we are not. Place and memory are very tightly linked.

NT: Days is available on cassette, whose decision was it to release it in that format? Are you guys collectors?

AB: Tapes are cool. It’s fun to have music in a lot of different formats. It would be cool to do something on minidisc

NT: I was reading on your bio that a number of your song ideas start out on bass. How does this work in the song writing process.

AB: Is that true? I don’t think that’s true. It’s  mostly guitar, though martins first instrument was bass, and the songs “wonder years” and “suburban beverage” were built around bass lines

NT: You guys have opened for some pretty great bands like Deerhunter, Girls, and Kurt Vile. Do you feel much more pressure headlining every night?

AB: We respect all of those people very much, but headlining is cool because you get to play a longer set and people are generally not just waiting for your set to be over.

NT: Is New Jersey still Bruce (Springsteen) country? Or have Yo La Tengo grabbed some of the action.

AB: For Martin I think it’s Yo La la land, but Bruce will always be the prince to me, and the feelies are the true kings….maybe Sinatra too.

NT: You signed with Domino Records, home to great bands and artists like Sebadoh, Bonnie Prince Billy, and The Magnetic Fields. Did you know right away this was a good fit for you guys?

AB: I used to daydream about being on domino records. The past few months have proven that they were dreams worth having.

NT: You guys have played in lots of places, where are the most passionate rock fans.

AB: People really go nuts in Copenhagen.

NT: What does the future hold for Real estate? Do you write on the road?

AB: We are writing and planning a follow up EP to days.

Can you tell me five records which really changed your lives?

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