PS I Love You Interview


Northern Transmissions catches up with Paul Saulnier from PS I Love You.

NT: Tell me about the inspiration behind the title of your upcoming album ‘Death Dreams’?

PS: It was a phrase that i said while describing some re-occurring dreams i was having on a north american tour last year. when i said it, it just sounded like something important and ben and i agreed that it would be a good album title. i was having dreams about being followed by death while on the road.. i guess that’s just a product of the mental state that touring puts you in… constantly moving, running, performing, drinking, it takes a toll on your mind. i love it though. life is good.

NT: Previously your music can be described as atmospheric, melodic, noisy. What kind of sounding record can we expect this to be?

PS: Ummm.. all of the above. we’re a little moodier this time around.. less panicked, more firm in our anxieties. the songs sound a bit grander and they are longer. basically our narrow rock n roll vision has widened a tiny bit.

NT: Was the writing process a collaborative effort?

PS: yep. i write the riffs and lyrics, ben writes the drum parts and we put it all together, together.

NT: Why do you think their are so many great duos out there today.

PS: as a duo, we joined the international order of rock duos (iord) and we took an oath to protect the realm of duo-bands and not give away any of our ancient secrets.

NT: You guys and the Japandroids or Base Drum Of Death would make a great touring package. Any chances?

PS: Hope so. we’ve been lucky enough to tour with japandroids a couple years ago. great dudes.

NT: I love your version of ‘Subdivisions’ by Rush, can you guys relate to the song a bit, being from Ontario as well.

PS: Thank you. i relate to the feelings of an isolated nerd in the suburbs.. because being an isolated nerd in the suburbs is how i spent my teenage years. and when you’re a loud but sensitive, drunk artist in your late 20’s.. you’re never really over your teenage years.

NT: What’s with all the vomiting in the video ‘Get Over’?

PS: I thought it would be funny…. AND IT WAS.

NT: Some bands claim there hometown a big influence on their writing. How much effect has Kingston had on you?

PS: kingston, the limestone city, has a big, huge, astronomical effect on our music and attitudes in general. we’s so close to toronto and montreal that we have this like, small town chip on our shoulders about our identity. there’s a stubborn pride about living in a smaller city that shines through in my lyrics.. especially when i sing about being trapped in a small town but not wanting to move cause i’m perfectly happy with my discomfort.

NT: Five albums which you couldn’t part with.

PS: jimi hendrix – electric ladyland

sonic youth – daydream nation
television – marquee moon
new order – power, corruption and lies
sloan – one chord to another

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