Poor Moon – Illusion


Artist: Poor Moon
Title: Illusion EP
Record Label: Sub Pop
Rating: 7.0

Let’s face it, when you hear the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar and a subtly cooed hymnal vocal, you don’t think folk anymore do you? You think Fleet Foxes; those beardy campfire troubadours have cornered the market when it comes to folk. When this writer first listened to this EP, Illusion by Poor Moon, the shadow of Fleet Foxes was cast across it like a storm cloud skirting across the sun. However, upon reading the press release to support this EP, the penny dropped, as it appears Fleet Foxes cohorts, Christian Wargo and Casey Wescot make up fifty percent of Poor Moon with the remaining percentage made up by Ian and Peter Murray, known for their day job in The Christmas Cards.

The comparison to Wargo and Wescot’s primary role in the music business is to hard to shake when listening to Illusions. The hallmarks of Fleet Foxes are ostensible from the tender guitar motifs to the
heaven sent velvet vocals, Poor Moon act like the not so distant cousins to Fleet Foxes’ family tree.

As a body of work, the five tracks that make up Illusions, stick firmly to the delicate side of the tracks.The title track begins proceedings with gracefully plucked guitar strings and a gentle choral vocal that drifts along with an ethereal glow. The following track, ‘Anyplace’ incorporates the gentle pitter-patter of drums and nonchalant bass tones. The vocal melodies of this track interweave and glide like vapour trails across a pale blue sky. ‘People In Her Mind’ injects a precise electric guitar riff to the mix making this the most upbeat track on the EP. By the most upbeat track, think a Sunday afternoon picnic with a stroll thrown in for good measure.

The EP is a pleasant listen and one that has a definite air of musicianship and is a well crafted document of intent for this side project four piece. It is the sort of EP to take pleasure in while enjoying a hazy day watching the world go by.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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