Plug – Back On Time


Artist: Plug
Title: Back On Time
Label: Ninja Tune
Rating: 8

Plug is the smart drum’n’bass project of Luke Vibert (aka Wagon Christ in his less definable, Aphex Twin-inspired IDM works). Back On Time is a collection of previously unreleased sassed-out d’n’b tracks recorded more than 15 years ago. Each track spits out its own unique sound all the while held together as an album through consistency of the genre and its sheer classic presentation.

For example, opening track “Scar City” presents the smoothest combination of sweet R’n’B vocals and slightly feedback-y guitars all wound together with the well-produced d’n’b sounds found throughout
the record. The individuality of the track is undeniable and as one digs right into this record, you’ll find that clarity of being existing on each track like you do within a tight crew of friends who all hold their own.

“Feeling So Special” centres around one synth-produced melody amongst calming audio juxtaposed with wailing drumbeats. Luke Vibert shows his skill at reaching out into the audio spectrum, drawing
back many divergent sounds, and weaving them together into one universal flow.

In the same way he’s apt combining emotions through audio. You could simultaneously be experiencing apprehension, happiness, and straight weirdness (as can be noted on “No Reality” which brings a
combination of funky and traditional drumbeats while speeding up the BPM with no hint of subtlety). Also represented on the record is talented discovery and mixing of a diversity of cool vocal samples
from old soul vox to geeky exclamations about acid house to talking computers (as on “Mind Bending”).

For old school drum’n’bass fans this is a serious find, considering the rarity of anything remotely like this appearing over the last decade.

Sarah Ferguson

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