Plants and Animals – The End of That


Artist: Plants and Animals
Title: The End Of That
Record Label: Secret City
Rating: 8.0

They say it’s all in the preparation, if you’re prepared, you’re ready for anything. This time around the trio from Montreal known as Plants and Animals did just that, they fleshed out a plethora of ideas that became their third LP, The End Of That, long before they developed their studio tan. In doing so, the band have constructed a piece of work that encapsulates their past records, Parc Avenue and La La Land.

The End Of That is front loaded with two acoustic numbers that are rather sedate in comparison to how the
rest of the album pans out. ‘Before’ and the title track of the album drift along in a relaxed tone with Warren Spicer’s vocal sounding not to dissimilar to Bob Dylan, with his nasally drawl. It’s not until the album draws into the third track ‘Song For Love’ that it kick starts into an upbeat squalling guitar fest. The previously mentioned tracks have a contiguous stomp and swagger that is drawn from its grizzly vocals, fuzzed up riffs and poundings drums.

When Plants and Animals turn up the volume and embrace their electric side, their work comes to life. Lead single ‘Lightshow’ contains a squalling riff that screams urgency and a compelling vibrancy. Equally, ‘Why & Why’ clatters along at a startling pace and punch making it one of the stand out tracks on this album. Plants and Animals demonstrate their artistic diversity throughout End Of That, as they can switch from tender acoustic torchbearers to rock ‘n’ roll stompers while then sounding anthemic and sprawling.

The End Of That aches with human vivacity and full blooded passion. This is a record that has been toiled over for some time and it’s plain to see the work and dedication that has been poured in this LP. From the crackled vocals of Spicer through to the interchanging riffs supplied by Nicolas Basque as well as Spicer and the steady drumming of Matthew Woodley, this album should be titled the Start Of That, because this band have really started something attention-grabbing with their third record.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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