Our Interview With Sonny And The Sunsets


Our quick chat with Sonny, from Sonny And The sunsets

NT: Longtime Companion seemed like a pretty tough record to make, can you tell me a bit about it?

SS: Nah it came out real easily. Just met with some country music friends and recorded in their basement. it just flowed out over a year or so…

NT: You think it might be difficult playing the songs on a nightly basis?

SS: You mean cause their about love and break-ups and stuff? Nah, it’s easy. it’s the crap that doesn’t mean anything that’s hard to sing every night.

NT: Can we expect the same band for this tour?

SS: Nah, I have some friends from Catalonia and Basque playing. And a few of the reg sunsets. Conjoining them into one awesome beast.

NT: Do you get as much satisfaction writing songs, as much as short stories or one act-act plays?

SS: Yeah, it’s all about the same satisfaction, which goes by quick, which is why you gotta keep writing them.

NT: I wanted to ask you about the 100 Records Project, how did you this all come together? Was it hard finding so many artists?

SS: Nah, it was easy, the world is full of artists. In fact, there’s too many. Every dingus on the street is an artist. — I’m just playin. It was easy though. Artists are everywhere.

NT: What did you think of the cartoon review Aaron Farmer did of your show with Papercuts?

SS: Sorta like seeing yourself in a Scooby doo episode.

NT: I saw on your website that you were approached to play a fan’s wedding (Sofia) did this ever materialize?

SS: She broke up with him.


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