Our Interview With Micachu and The Shapes


We love interviews on the fly. Here’s a really quick one we did with Mica from Micachu And The Shapes. Catch them on tour right now with Animal Collective.

NT: ‘Never’ is your first studio record in three years, are you happy to be finally releasing it and playing the songs live?

ML: Yes it’s nice.

NT: You self-produced the whole album. It does have a fair bit of complex sounds. Was it challenging at times getting the sounds you wanted?

ML: It was tough to do & I’m not sure we will do it again but it was a massive learning experience- yes, challenging.

NT: Tell me about making videos for the album. You made one for each song on the album. What was the process like?

ML: It was done on the weekends on severe levels of hangovers! Chloe haywood filmed us on a green screen then we made backgrounds on Paint (software programme) it was really fun.

NT: You started playing music at age four, were you strongly encouraged by your parents or did you just gravitate to instruments?

ML: Both- I loved it but also all my parents know about is music, so it was bound to happen & they are quite obsessive.

NT: How old were you when you built your first instrument? Have you been building any lately?

ML: Not for a year or so— ? I suppose I was 19-20 when I first ruined a guitar.

NT: You were picked by Jeff Mangum to play ATP, did you get a chance to talk a little about instruments with him?

ML: No we didn’t unfortunately!

NT: You were commissioned to write a piece for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which they performed at Royal Albert Hall. What was the experience like hearing your music played by such an accomplished group of musicians at that venue?

ML: It was terrifying.

NT: Which five records have you listened to the most in your life?

ML: COooorrr not sure but at the moment I’m listening to THEESatisfaction- CLOUT!- Mr MEAT- Rustie- Azealia banks.