Opossom Interview

Opposum Kody Nielson credit Owen Behan
Photo by Owen Behan

Here’s a quick chat with Kody from Opossom. Their new album is called “ Electric Hawaii”. The man does not mince words.

NT: Can you give the readers a quick background on Opossom, you are involved in a couple of other well known projects.

KN: I had recorded an album at the end of last year. I was offered a few shows, so I put the group together.

NT: You come from a musical background, your brother is in Unknown Mortal Orchestra, which I think you play with once in a while. Were you guys playing together at a young age?

KN: Yeah. We’ve been collaborating since we were kids. Mostly art. We used to make comics and record our own audio books with our dads delay pedal and four track.

NT: You wrote, mixed, and produced your new record ElectricHawaii. Did you know from the beginning you wanted to do it all on your own?

KN: I just wanted to play and record this album as I imagined it. Sometimes it’s easier to put down ideas without having to explain them to someone else first.

NT: Do you do production work with other bands as well?

KN: I have done. I find recording fun, but it just depends on availability.

NT: Have you put together a new band to take on the road with you, I assume you will go on tour for Hawaii ?

KN: I’ve put together a hologram band for this one.

NT: You have some Polynesian roots, can we expect to hear some influences on the album?

KN: Being Hawaiian has influenced my entire life. My album was probably influenced by this in some way or another.

NT: Any good bands from New Zealand we should be looking out for?

KN: Pussy Glitch.

NT: Which five records have really influenced you as a musician?

KN: Ege Bamyasi, Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space), (‘), Head Hunters, Friends.

Photo credit Owen Behan.