Artist: oOoOO
Album: Our Love is Killing Us EP
Label: Tri Angle
Rating: 6.3

In this day and age, there isn’t much that art can do that will change the game. We likely won’t feel what people felt in the 50’s and 60’s when say Rock and Roll and colour television came on the scene, but musically what we do get is derivatives of genre.Welcome to Witch House, a term that was coined by Chris Dexter Greenspan, the creator of oOoOO, which is a derivative of Chillwave or Drag. If all those terms are foreign to you, it’s basically chilled out electronica with just a dash of goth thrown in. From what I can tell what makes Witch House unique, is the use of backslashes and triangles in band names or in this case the creative use of the “shift key”. If it all sounds like a joke it kind of is, but the music of oOoOO takes itself very seriously. It’s slowed down spooky electronic music, but the term “Witch” may be misleading as it’s more akin to the witches of “The Craft” as opposed to the ones in “Suspiria”, cute but harmless.

Our Love is Killing Us is an EP of music that is interesting in the kind of way that if it’s being played I probably won’t turn it off, or be offended, but I probably won’t go seeking it out. You’re not going to be turned to a toad or anything else sinister listening to oOoOO, its safe sex Witchy. There are a couple pretty decent tracks on this album though, “NoWayBAck” while being a good example of the space bar challenged grammar, is a song that feels like the title track of the band. It’s a slow spooky rhythm with an echo female enchantress like vocal, with what sounds like a ghost in the background making the sounds of the band’s name. It also features “Butterclock” who I can only assume is a female vocalist but most of the tracks feature a female vocal and they all sound the same, so I’m not really sure if it’s Butterclock on just this track or what. Unfortunately after that the album is pretty standard beats made on a computer that is pretty much only good for playing to your teenage friends that have piled in your little chamber to light candles and drink wine that you pretend is blood.

An EP of 5 songs should really be a lot stronger than this because even though the album has some decent direction, it doesn’t have enough melodic maturity to make me think that Witch House is anything but a passing fad in music subgenre history. It almost feels like in 5-8 years, it’ll be become as passé a term as Nu Metal. Kids will be kids though, and something else will come along soon to replace it. Witches be crazy man.

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