Office Romance Interview


Charles Brownstein chatted with Actress and Musician Amy Carlson (also known for her role on the CB Tv show ‘Blue bloods’) from the band Office Romance, which also includes Syd and Seth from Les Savy Fav.

CB: What possessed you guys decide to write holiday music?

AC: Sort of a Truth or Dare moment come true. I was all for it and Seth and Syd sort of belch music when they move so it was just a matter of feeding them the right treats.

CB: It must have been quite a departure for Syd and Seth? coming more from a background in Modern-Art rock.

AC: They (Seth and Syd) are so talented that like all true artists they just put their head in that space and filled it with sounds that worked for the genre. I truly believe they could write in any genre they put their mind to, and I’ve seen it just in their improvisations. I think they just love creating music and being creative, they don’t put limits on that.

CB: Was it challenging writing these types of songs?

AC: I think that for me it was easier than trying to be earnest or truthful about regular life. Writing about the Holidays is escaping daily life and indulging in the excitement and dreams of the Holiday Season.

CB: Who was Amy listening to during the recording sessions?

AC: I was listening to Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Eartha Kitt, NKC and Elvis. Just a variety of classic Holiday songs that I love.

CB: Do you guys really love the holiday season that much? It’s a pretty tough time of year mentally for people.

AC: I love the Holidays”. For me it’s about the sights, sounds and smells of Holiday Time. I was raised in Chicago and I remember the dreamy night drives looking out the window of our station wagon at all the lights on the houses. It was cheap but effective entertainment! And those memories are very nostalgic and specific. We had 2 or 3 Holiday albums growing up. One was sponsored by Goodyear and a couple by Firestone. I guess it was an effective way to sell tires at the time they were made. I think part of what is hard for many in the holidays is that sense longing for something or someone. And we tried to capture that with “Holidays Aren’t the Same Without You”. Because so much of Holiday Music is not cheerful but actually quite sad.

CB: Will Office romance be working on more music in 2013?

AC: I hope so! I had so much fun and would love to do more with Syd and Seth.

CB: Was it tough getting Alex Wilson on board with the project?

AC: Not at all, she has a great voice and is a great artist. Her voice has the quality of some of the timeless holiday singers.

CB: Can you tell me your five favourite records of the year?

AC: Tame Impala- Lonerism

The Walkman- Heaven

Dinosaur Jr.- I Bet on Sky

Bloc Party- Four

Santigold- Master of My Make-Believe