Oberhofer Interview

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After catching the wonderful ‘Oberhofer’ live, we were lucky to get a few answers out of the multi-talented Brad Oberhofer

NT: How has it been living in Brooklyn? That’s quite the big move coming from Tacoma, Wa.

It has been a total blast!! I love it in Brooklyn.

NT: It must be great living in an area with so much music going on? Have you checked out any interesting artists lately?

BH: I have!! I recently stumbled upon this band called Celestial Shores. They are great!!

NT: Your music is pretty complex, incorporating lots of sounds, from whistles to walls of guitars.Whats the writing process like?

BH: It totally varies! Sometimes I just start humming something. Sometimes I wake up with ideas. It’s never expected. It’s like having a baby.

NT: Are you happy with how the songs are coming out in a live setting?

BH: Yes.

NT: What’s your take on some folks calling you ‘Indie Rock Wunderkind Oberhofer’

BH: I have no idea what that means! Is that a good thing?? If it’s a good thing, then great!!

NT: I’ve read that you are an admirer of Stravinsky, what is it about him that attracts you to his work?

BH: That guy changed the game permanently!! You’d have to have the strength of a Greek God to withstand the type of criticism he endured. I first stumbled upon his piece “L’oiseau de Feu” in the library at NYU, and just thought it insane.

NT: You used to be a rapper when you were in High School, are you still down with hip hop?

BH: Highly down.

NT: Tell me about that picture of you in the lion head? It’s a pretty great one.

BH: Well, funny story. This photographer for Dazed and Confused magazine, Nabil Azadi wanted to take pictures of me, but had no way to fly to Brooklyn from Australia, so he sent me a package of party supplies, two disposable cameras, and an attached note requesting that I have an independently-
conducted photo shoot. I sent him back the photos, and he picked that one/threw a lion’s head on it.


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