Northern Transmissions Interviews Teen


Here’s our chat with Teeny Lieberson from the band ‘Teen’. We talked a bit about working with Sonic Boom, making videos, and of course, family. Their album is available on Carpark Records

NT: Teen members include three sisters and a close friend, did you always know you would have a band together?

TL: Not entirely. I think it was always in the back of my mind because I love my sisters and Jane and they’re such great musicians, but it only became a reality when I had to put a band together. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

NT: You got Sonic Boom from Spaceman 3 to mix and produce “In Limbo”, was he somebody you knew you wanted to work with from the beginning?

TL: Yeah I’m a big fan of his music and his work. When I found out that Pete was interested in working with us I totally freaked. I thought he would be a perfect fit and he turned out to be just that.

NT: The album deals with songs about loss and life changing moments, can you reflect a little on that?

TL: A multitude of things happened in the past year or so. I left Here We Go Magic, my (our) father passed away, I got my heart broken. There was a lot of material to work with. It makes for a moody record, but I personally respond to that in music. Katherine was just saying last night how times of change often push your creativity and I couldn’t agree more.

NT: Is it difficult performing some of the songs on a nightly basis?

TL: We haven’t toured a bunch yet, so we’ll see! But usually, your favorites come in cycles….some nights I might love playing Why Why Why where as another night I’ll be looking forward to playing Come Back.

NT: The video for “Electric” is quite the production. Impressive visuals, costume changes, choreography. What was the inspiration behind it?

TL: Sam and Megha (the directors) really wanted to get to the core of the song, understand what I was talking about. Since it was written during a time of real emotional imbalance, it flip-flops from feeling to feeling. The overpowering confusion in difficult times to celebration moments later. So we started thinking about replicating a sort of ritualistic, magic vibe. As Sam said, “We were interested in the idea of forced initiation – something that would allow for entrance into another “Electric” realm. We were also seeing movement as a process or a form of communication rather than something celebratory”Soon after we first explored these themes, I sent them footage of Nijinsky’s production of The Rite Of Spring. I thought the movement and rawness of the ballet were inspiring.The movements are seemingly simple. I’m pretty sure Megha was really into Maya Deren at the time as well.

NT: You guys started out as five piece band, any plans to add a fifth member again for the tour?

TL: No not at the moment. Maia wasn’t replaceable and we figured out we could do it just the four of us. A stranger felt scary.

NT: Which five records would you consider to be among your favorites?

TL: Too hard a question! But some of the ones I never get sick of are:

Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska

The Cure, Three Imaginary Boys

Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love

Panda Bear, Person Pitch

Can, Ege Bamyasi