Northern Transmissions Interview With 2:54


We were really excited to catch up with Colette Thurlow from 2:54. The band is once again ready to hit the road in North America and play some new tunes.

NT: There has been quite a bit of positive press about your live shows in North America. You must be ready to get your upcoming album out?

CT: Yes, we’re really excited to release the album and get touring!

NT: I’m always curious about families who play in bands together, How is it spending so much time together in the studio and on the road.

CT: We’ve always hung-out so getting to play music together all the time is the best.

NT: Can you tell me a bit more about your musical backgrounds, did you guys start playing in the house when you were really young?

CT: Hannah taught herself guitar in her teens, then showed me a few chords, it sprang from there, just making up songs together for fun.

NT: Tell me about the name of the band? I’ve heard a few explanations. A verse from the Koran, reference to stem cell research, and finally the one i’m thinking to be accurate, the drumroll inspired by a Melvins tune.

CT: It’s 2 minutes 54 seconds into our favourite Melvins song, we’re really into moments in songs, specific bits in songs where we’re both like ‘that’s genius’. For us it’s the big choral build and doomy drop in ‘A History of Bad Men’.

NT: Are you amazed at all the press that has been generated by 2:54? considering you haven’t put out that much material.

CT: It’s incredible that people are hearing about the band and listening to us and coming down to shows, that’s huge. The record is coming out really soon so hopefully people will have more to play with.

NT: Was it a little daunting working with Rob Ellis and Alan Moulder on your upcoming record?

CT: It was amazing to work with Rob and Alan, their heritage in music is insane, it was a really great experience.

NT: Were you pretty excited to see ‘You’re Early’ get over ten thousand hits in less then a day?

CT: That was crazy, and so exciting that people were into the track.

NT: You have toured with quote a number of great band recently, who are you hitting the road with next, anyone you really wanna play with?

CT: We’ve been lucky enough to play with bands we’re huge fans of which has been amazing. For our American tour we’re playing with Widowspeak, and in London we’re playing with Gross Magic and Echo Lake, who we’re also big fans of.

NT: Which five records would you take with you on the life raft?”


The Stooges – Fun House
Patti Smith – Radio Ethiopia
Angelo Badalmenti – Wild At Heart Soundtrack
Missy Elliot – Da Real World

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