Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way EP


Artist: Metronomy
Title: Everything Goes My Way EP
Record Label: Because Music
Rating: 8.5

After releasing a true contender for Album of the Year, Metronomy, the once electronic bedroom project by Joe Mount and now full on four piece band, are all set to release Everything Goes My Way EP. This is one of the key tracks from sublime third LP The English Rivera.

The title track of this EP also stands alone wonderfully from the band’s latest album. The lead vocals are by Roxanne Clifford, known for her day job with Scottish Indie types, Veronica Falls. Clifford provides a laid back vocal, detailing the reconciliation of two lovers. This lover’s tug of war is accompanied by the sound of a cow bell being gently struck, delicate guitar strums and throbbing bass. The laid back vibe of the lead track carries a juxtaposed feeling of emotion, has Clifford made the right decision to take her lover back? Is the relaxed vibe due to a sense of relief or contented defeat?

This collection of songs see the aforementioned song re-imagined by a host of prolific remixers, in some cases transforming this laid back ditty about love reconciled, into unrecognisable dancefloor fillers. Ewan Pearson’s version begins in a striped back fashion, providing room for Clifford’s vocals to take centre stage. As the track progresses, it begins to sprout quirky digital waves and tweets, concluding with a last quarter built of blissed out Balearic synth.

Jesse Roses’ remix transforms the track completely, taking this delicate track and adding a maelstrom of noise, bringing out the darker side of Metronomy. The following reinterpreted version by Psychemagik is more in the mould of a classic house remix, propelling the track onto the dancefloor. The final remix by Enchante, sees everything rebooted into a ska drum and bass freakout. The carefree vibe is brought to life, with a rush of horn barps and frantic hi-hat/snare drums strikes. The breakdown half way through, leads to a crescendo of noise and beats bringing this collection of songs to a thrilling conclusion.

We’ll all be booking our holidays to The English Rivera next year then?

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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