Matt & Kim Interview


Photo by Jonathan Mannion

Here’s our interview with Kim Schifino from Matt & Kim. We talked a bit about working with Big Boi, Djing on Sirius and some other interesting things about the band. Their latest album “lightning” is now out on Fader.

NT: I read on your website that your new album “Lightning” came out exactly the way you imagined it would. Is their a period of self doubt after putting a record out?

KS: Always, especially with Matt.  He over analyzes everything.I think that is why we work so well together.  He’ll push me to rethink things while I push him to not get hung up on things.

NT: You guys did a mashup with Big Boi, are you big fans of Outkast?

KS: Yes we are actually fans of a lot of hip hop.  We hip hop covers in our sets and sometimes we’ll just put on a song and I get up and dance. I will say Andre 3000 is a genius!

NT: How much fun was it going into Sirius XMU and playing DJ every day for a week? Sounds like a dream come true, being able to play your favorite records for such a large audience.

KS: This is our second time doing it and we love it!  We get to talk about the craziest stuff for an hour and they don’t sensor me. Sirius XMU is also great about letting us pick songs we really like.  I don’t think TI is usually on their playlist.

NT: The two of you met at Pratt while you were studying film and illustration, are you involved involved with the band’s live or video productions?

KS:  We are involved with everything with this band.  I feel bad for anyone who works with us because we are so picky about everything we do. I think it comes from in the beginning we were doing everything ourselves.  Our videos, our artwork, the silkscreening of t shirts to even booking our tours.  We are trying to learn how to take a step back and give up some responsibility.

NT: Is it a  bigger challenge for you guys bringing it in a medium sized club, than bigger festivals like Pukkelpop or Coachella?

KS:  It is crazy to look out at the large amount of people that are at a festival like Pukkelpop or Coachella, but we do the same thing if we are at a Coachella or a venue or even to house shows when we would play those!

NT: Is it hard being together personally and in a band together?

KS:  No, I think it makes it easier.  You never have to leave someone at home for three months.  Also our successes we enjoy together and we can comfort each other when shit gets stressful.

NT: Lightning was done in NYC, your hometown. Does the city have a big influence on your recordings.

KS:  This album is the first time we’ve recorded in NY.  It was really nice to work all day on it and dip out at night to see friends and be around familiar things.  I think it kept us from stressing out a lot.  It was actually the longest we’ve been home in like 4 years!  I started to get really used to sleeping in our own bed every night.

NT: Can you name me five albums from your collection which have had a significant influence on your career?

KS: Five that is really tough. I can think of one that has been a great album and one we both have listened to since it came out and can still listen to just as much… That is Weezer’s Blue album.  It is really an amazing album!  It would be an honor if someone bought one of our albums and listened to it for 10 years!  That would be pretty amazing.