Jaill Chats With Northern Transmissions


Here’s our chat with Andy Harris from ‘Jaill’. Their album “Trapps” is now available on Sub Pop and at better record stores everywhere.

NT: Vinny promised to give away a free pair of cross-trainers to the first person to steal “Traps”. Great marketing idea, everyone loves shoes. What was the story behind that?

AH: Lol, that was completely Vinny’s deal. He was involved with that. Somebody actually got in touch with him. Ya, the deal was the first person that could actually download it (through other sources), got the prize. I think that they had the download before anything was released, lol. I believe they actually got the shoes too.

NT: Tell me a bit about going into the recording of “Traps”, was there good momentum going in? You guys had had so much positive press on the previous album.

AH: Ya, I think we were quite optimistic. We really took our time making it. Working with Sub Pop has been pretty good. They really didn’t pressure us or put any time restraints on. They have really done a great job with the press, in terms of getting us loads of media coverage.

NT: You worked with Nicholas vernhes on “Traps” who has worked with so many interesting artists, including Bjork, Deerhunter, and Animal Collective. What was it like working with him?

AH: Nicholas was great to work with. He really understands what bands are looking for. He has worked on so many projects were into. It was really cool to collaborate with someone that has that much knowledge. We were so happy with the final mix. I’d definitely be down with working with him again.

NT: Your last album, There’s No Sky (Oh My My) was recorded in an old funeral home. Did it get a little eerie at times?

AH: Ya, it was pretty eerie. There was still the body cooler in the room where we rehearsed and recorded  that record in. There was a very creepy vibe in there to be honest. On a subconscious level, I think it effected the recording. With the vibe and the energy in a place like that, it definitely has to in some way. We didn’t hear any ghosts, but some guy did try to break in while we were recording. He just wanted to party with us, lol. We had a hard time getting him out, lol. That was the only thing close to anything paranormal, ha ha ha!

NT: The name of the band at one time was spelled the way it sounds, Jail. Then you had to change to Jaill. I’m pretty sure it had nothing to with another Sub Pop band spelled ‘Jale’. Do people ever get confused?

AH: Lol, people get confused all the time. Around the time we signed with Sub Pop, the German band Jail had just re-pressed or reissued their album. So for legal repercussions, we thought we should change the name. We really didn’t want to change the name completely. So for legal reasons, we just through on that extra L.