Interview With Dark Dark Dark


Northern Transmissions catches up with Marshall La count from Dark Dark Dark. Their new album “Who Needs Who” was just released on Supply And Demand. We talked about that as well as playing ATP, acting, and having some of their tunes on some pretty popular TV shows.

NT: The band obviously is influenced a great deal by folk, Are you surprised by how much popular the genre has become in the last few years?

MLC: I think it was time for folk and classical instrumentation to come around again, when it did, several years ago. Rock had temporarily exhausted itself and needed to reach back and find more sounds. It’s also very accessible, folk music is just that, something everyone can do, in theory…and lots of people need things to do.

NT: Your sound really mixes sounds and many influences together, it all seems kind of natural. Did Dark Dark Dark click musically from the onset?

MLC: Well yes, I think that’s one thing we can say confidently. I’d make a play on the natural part, about how its almost unnatural, butttt I’m tired.

NT: Daydreaming’ appeared on the Television show ‘American Idol’, were you surprised that track would make it on a show like that? Did you tune in?

MLC: We were surprised, and found it funny that it was during the participants being let go, and with dramatic clouds in the background, that we were featured.  Equally entertaining was a placement in Gray’s Anatomy, during which someone’s ass got checked out, and another couple broke up.

NT: The group also scored and acted in previous bass player Todd Chandler’s film ‘Flood Tide’, what was the experience like? Was it tricky scoring a film?

MLC: We love working with pictures and collaborating with other projects and media. The recording that resulted from that is still unreleased, but it is one of our best recordings, for certain. We can’t wait to share it. The year that went in to gathering that footage and working on the project documented by the film were so magical.

NT:The band In 2008 took part in art installations at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, are you inspired by visuals? How did you guys participate?

MLC: Our formation was catalyzed by an art project called “The Miss Rockaway Armada,” in 2006, so we went on to participate in several Miss Rockaway related projects.  We’re still seeing those people around and working with them today.  Todd’s film is also a close relative of that work.  Within those projects, which were generally some form of collectivism and collaboration, we have had every role, from dish washer to boat builder, including music director and “official band of.”

NT: The new record is titled “Who Needs Who,” tell us a bit about the direction of the album. The title is quite charming as well.

MLC: The title doesn’t provide any answers. Not much on the record does, because it is about complicated and layered relationships, love, and work. And music.

NT: I noticed on your tour schedule, you are playing All Tomorrows Parties at Minehead, UK. How did you guys become involved? Any bands your looking forward to playing with?

MLC: The National is curating, and we have played with them in Portugal. They are very kind and supportive of our music.  We are super excited to be in the line-up, and look forward to seeing them, Nico Muhly, Wye Oak, Sharon Van Etten.  Nevermind, I just looked at the line up again, we are super excited for everything.

NT: Which five records always accompany Dark Dark Dark on tour?

MLC: Neil Young, Philip Glass, Kate Bush, Meredith Monk, and Lower Dens. Or The Roots.